30 Easy Arabic Mehndi Design: Front & Back Hand With Images in 2023

arabic mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi designs have become popular among Indian brides in the past few years. The reason behind the fascination with Arab-styled bridal mehndi is that it is like a breath of fresh air. So, if you want to ditch traditional mehndi designs, finding a classy yet simple Arabic Mehndi design won’t be challenging.

As a professional mehndi artist, I have such stunning Arabic mehndi patterns for you that you’ll feel spoilt for choices. So, scroll down to have a look at the best Arabic front hand and back hand mehndi styles.

10 Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs: Front Hand 

1. Floral Mehndi with Pretty Leaves

Floral Mehndi with Pretty Leaves Arabic Mehndi design
Image Source: tikliglobal

Has your mehndi artist cancelled on you in the eleventh hour? Don’t worry as a floral mehndi design with simple leaves is something you can do on your own.

2. Geometric Mehndi

Geometric Mehndi
Image Source: Fabbon

How to impress your nerdy groom with your Arabic mehndi design. Say yes to a geometric mehndi design that resembles a tribal tattoo.

3. Sophisticated Lotus Mehndi

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

Lotus often features in Arabic mehndi ideas as it helps you create visually appealing designs. Such a mehndi work will be sheer beauty that you won’t stop admiring.

4.  Simple Rose Mehndi

Rose arabic mehndi design
Image source: Pinterest

Rose, the prettiest of all flowers, is meant for an attractive bride like you. The twirls and swirls of the lotus leaves will make your hands irresistibly enchanting.

5. Lateral Mehndi Design

Lateral Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

Who says easy mehndi designs are boring? Here’s an Arabic mehndi design simple but memorable: draw the usual floral pattern but along your hand’s lower surface.

6. Arabic Mehndi with Traditional Elements

Arabic Mehndi with Traditional Elements
Image Source: betterhalf.ai

Even Arabic mehndi can have traditional elements to compliment your traditional saree. You also get to show off your creativity in this.

7. Mehndi Design Defining Your Culture

Mehndi Design Defining Your Culture
Image source: weddingwire

No matter how modern a bride is, every woman wants to get married according to her family’s traditions. So, a mehndi design highlighting something important about your culture will surely impress your in-laws.

8. Peacock Mehndi for Front Hand

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design
Image Source: YouTube, soni’s henna


Just like Indian mehndi styles, a peacock is a recurring element in Arabic mehndi designs as well. So, what are your thoughts on drawing dancing peacocks on your front hand?

9.  Intricate Arabic Mehndi

Here’s a front hand Arabic mehndi design for a bride who’s a fan of intricate designs. You’ll find plenty of options online to show your makeup artist.

10. Jewelry-Style Mehndi Design

Jewelry-Style Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

Don’t you like wearing too many bangles on your hands. Then a jewelry-style Arabic mehndi will come to your rescue.

10 Simple Arabic Mehndi Design for Back Hand 

arabic mehndi designs back hand

1. Detailed Henna Pattern

The difference between mehndi drawn by a beginner and an expert is the detailing. An Arabic mehndi art with exquisite design is what you need to stand out.

2. Easy Leaf Mehndi

Searching for an Arabic mehndi design for your roka? A presentation of dots and leaves on your hands with look extremely rich when the color sets in.

3. Simple Jaal Design

Mehndi Jaal Design
Image Source: Pinterest

What can be a full hand arabic mehndi design that you can do in less than an hour? I always recommend jaali mehndi patterns to brides who are too restless to get hitched.

4. Arabic Mehndi with Beautiful Motifs

Feeling too fatigued to sit for 3-4 hours to get your mehndi done? Select a floral motif mehndi and be the rocking diva that you are.

5. Butterfly Arabic Mehndi

Butterfly Arabic Mehndi
Image Source : Pinterest

Butterflies are a symbol of hope and transformation. So, cute butterflies on your hands will reflect how hopeful you are about stating a new chapter of your life.

6.  Finger-tip Jewelled Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi is known for its stylishness. And what can be more fashionable than a finger-tip jewelled design that’ll grab everyone’s attention.

7. Ornamental Mehndi

Ornamental Mehndi
Image Source: Pinterest

Need a back hand Arabic mehndi design for your wedding reception? If you plan on wearing a lehenga, ornamental mehndi with dotted strings should be an obvious choice.

8. Contrasting Arabic Mehndi

Contrasting easy and simple mehndi designs are trending at the moment. You simply have to pick two favorite designs and draw then on both hands in a contrasting manner.

9. Arabic Mehndi with Glitter

Arabic Mehndi with Glitter
Image Source: Pinterest

Your wedding is your day to shine and feel like a celeb. And if its an evening event, there’s no harm in adding some glitter to glam up a conventional mehndi design.

10. Mesh finger mehndi

Are you in a hurry to get done with the mehndi? The mesh is a minimalistic mehndi design that even beginners can do within minutes.

10 Latest Arabic Mehndi Design 2023 to Look Beautiful

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design 

1. Trending Arabic Mehndi on Wrist

Want everyone to talk about your Arabic mehndi? A wrist mehndi will be as gorgeous as your manicured hands.

2. Palm Cuff Modern Design

Do you have something extraordinary in mind, something different from mainstream patterns. Then the palm cuff mehndi design will be apt for you.

3. Minuscule Arabic Mehndi

Minuscule Arabic Mehndi
Image Source: Wedmegood

As the name suggests, a miniscule mehndi design has a refreshing vibe. You can recreate a bracelet design around your wrist and draw motifs all the way to the ring finger.

4. Hand-harness Unique Mehandi

You get married only once and your mehndi should be magnificent to manifest the auspiciousness of the occasion. So, save the hand-harness Arabic design in your mehndi gallery.

5. Mandala Mehndi for an Artistic Bride

Your appreciation for Mandala art does not have to be limited to buying paintings for your living room only. You can also draw a mandala mehndi on your palm to make heads turn.

6. Arabic Mehndi with Spaces

Arabic Mehndi with Spaces
Image Source: Beyoung

Do you prefer an Arabic Mehndi Design simple and with spaces? A mehndi design with spaces is so feminine that you won’t be able to stop clicking pictures of your hands.

7. Leaf Branch Mehndi Pattern

Leaf branch is another contemporary mehndi design that you can consider as it can gorgeously accentuate a girl’s slender hands.

8. Finger Mehndi for Your Dream Engagement

Many brides these days are opting for finger mehndi for the engagement. What better way to flaunt your solitaire ring than by painting only the fingers?

9. Bridal Mehndi with 3 Different Designs

When your outfits are so ravishing, why go for some plain henna design? Your hands deserve some extra pampering and a mix of floral, mesh, and leaf designs will do the trick.

10. Personalized Arabian Mehndi Art 

If yours is a love marriage, your mehndi design should celebrate your fulfilling relationship. So, consider hiring an experienced mehndi artist who can draw replicas of you and your groom on your palms.

Personalized Arabian Mehndi Art 
Image Source: Mirraw Blog – Mirraw Blog MIRRAW

Parting Thoughts 

So, there’s no denying that nothing can be classier than an Arabic mehndi design to enhance the beauty of your elegant hands. Save these styles and start practicing for getting the perfect look on your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs

Q. What is the meaning of Arabic mehndi?

Arabic mehndi is a kind of henna art that owes its origin to the Middle East and has gained worldwide popularity for its elegance.

Q. Which is the best Arabic bridal mehendi design?

Geometric patterns, floral designs having lotuses and roses, mesh henna patterns, and peacock looks are some of the best Arabic mehendi designs.

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