Simple Holiday Nails to Complete Your Holiday Outfit 2023

Simple Holiday nails

The holiday season is finally here! Some people like to spend hours on their couch watching their favorite web series. Others utilize the holidays by traveling to scenic places with family and friends. Different people have diverse ways of welcoming the holiday season. But the holiday spirit is something we all have in common. And for me, holidays are incomplete without perfectly done holiday nails. Looking for simple holiday nails ideas? 

Simple Holiday Nails to Feel Festive 

Every season needs special holiday nails to celebrate certain occasions. When it is Christmas, your nails with cute Christmas trees will grab everyone’s attention. Glittery nails are ideal for Thanksgiving. 

As a seasoned nail artist, I have curated a list of some beautiful yet simple holiday nails that every girl can recreate. Here you will find plenty of ideas to go with your holiday dresses. So, are you ready to get into your comfy pajamas and give your pretty nails a colorful makeover? 

1. Floral nails

Simple Holiday nails

Your Classy Look

Need nail art inspirations for your Spring break? Here’s one of the simple holiday nail designs for you. Say yes to funky floral nails that everyone will compliment. Use multiple bright shades like red, orange, yellow, and blue to draw the flowers. You’ll find plenty of floral nail designs online.

2. Sweet strawberry nails

Simple Holiday nails

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Nothing says summer like radiant nails. So, what are your thoughts on having strawberry nails? You will require coral nail paint for this. Paint all your fingers coral after cleaning them. Apply some nail gel to make your nails shiny. Draw some flowers on the nails on your ring fingers to complete the look. You can also purchase Holiday nail decals sets to simplify your job.

3. Christmas Tree nails 

Christmas nail art suggestions must be on the list of nail art ideas for the holidays. And what captures the Christmas spirit better than Christmas trees? How to do this nail art at home? You’ll require green and white nail paints. Apply a coat of white on all the nails. Now start painting cute little Christmas trees. 

You have been drawing Christmas trees since your childhood. So, this is something you can do effortlessly. It is one of the simple holiday nail designs for kids and adults. 

4. Wisps of blue and white

Moving on to one of the most gorgeous Hanukkah nail designs for your well-maintained nails. Have you noticed how Hannukah gift-wrapping papers look? Atop a beige base, draw waves of white, dark blue, and light blue. If you have silver nail paint, do a flowing-down design on each nail’s squared-off tips. This freestyle design looks beautiful irrespective of the color combinations you prefer.

5. Geometry and gems 

Even with long nails, you may opt for simple nail art. Who says easy holiday manicures look boring? Use a pale pink shade as the base for a seasonal touch. Burgandy geometric accents will reflect your merriment. As you’re on vacation, stick tiny crystals along the middle fingernail’s cuticles. 

6. Retro curves 

Simple Holiday nails

A 70s-inspired design can help you keep up with Winter nail trends. You will use two key colors of the vacation mood for this design: dark green and light blue. Showcase your creativity by drawing curves with these shades. The curves will be more prominent atop a nude base. It’s ideal for someone who appreciates a less obvious style of celebrating the arrival of the vacation season. 

7. Merry Minimalism

Are you a fan of minimalist styles? Then have a look at this design to go with your classy attire.

White and red is a color combination that has secured its place in New Year’s nail ideas. So, you must consider this chic and easy nail art with white, beige, and red shades. On each nail, apply beige as the base. Next, draw a vertical line with white. Finish off with a red dot towards the cuticles. These nails can do magic when the New Year is around the corner.

8. Colorful candy nails 

You have come to the right place if you want some Thanksgiving nail inspirations. Fruity candies on your nails are a unique way of paying tribute to a much-loved holiday treat. For this, you will require some pastel shades. Now nobody needs to teach you to draw candies. Your partner won’t stop kissing your hands. 

9. Twinkling Tips

Nail Art Inspo

Nail Art Inspo

A glittery gold manicure can make you look holiday-ready all the time. Glittery nails have been around for decades. So, you can modernize the design by painting the nails nude. Only make the tips glitzy to make them look super elegant. The beauty of the twinkling tips lies in their asymmetrical nature. Hence, you don’t have to stress over getting uniform lines. 

Have a Fabulous Holiday!

Something as easy as simple holiday nails can be enough to cheer you up. The best thing about these designs is that you can do them without the assistance of a nail artist. So, save these festive nail ideas to get in the vacation mood. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are the best nail colors for the holiday season?
    The holiday season is about spending fun time with family and friends, having desserts, reading storybooks, and napping at odd hours. So, warm and bright color nails look remarkable with holiday dresses. Yellow, red, deep blue, orange, green, and purple are some popular seasonal nail polish colors
  2. How can beginners create simple holiday nail art at home?
    You can create perfect nail art designs even if you’re a beginner. Just pick some easy yet aesthetic designs. For instance, sparkly holiday nails are ideal for people who don’t want intricate detailing on their festive nails. You can watch some tutorials for a step-by-step guide.
  3. How long do DIY festive nail designs usually last?
    Pleased with how adorable your DIY festive nails look? How long it will stay intact depends on how you maintain your nails. Here’s a tip from your trusted nail technician to make them last up to 2 weeks. Wear gloves when shampooing and washing dishes.

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