Stunning Blue Eyeshadow Look to Try: How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow Like a Diva

blue eyeshadow look

Gone are the days when colorful eyeshadows were frowned upon, and everyone preferred eyeshadows to look natural. The eyeshadows of modern women are vibrant and blue eyeshadow is perfect for a woman who is confident and bold. However, it can be tricky to wear blue eyeshadows like a pro. That’s because you need to choose a blue shade meant for your skin tone and eye color. The eyeshadow should also compliment the lipstick shade you plan on wearing. If all these appear too confusing, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know to create a sexy blue eyeshadow look that everyone will praise.

Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Trends for Different Eye Colors

1. Brown eyes

Blue Eyeshadow Look for Brown Eyes (via EasyNeon) | Makeup for brown eyes, Eye  makeup, Eyeshadow for brown eyes
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Blue eyeshadow is well suited for someone with beautiful brown eyes. In fact, an electric blue eye look will instantly brighten up brown eyes and add a sense of elegance. When someone’s eyes look so attractive, how can people not admire their beauty?

2. Blue eyes

Blue Makeup Looks in 2021 – 100% PURE
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Many women with blue eyes have the misconception that they blue eyeshadow is not for them as it’ll be too matchy-matchy. That’s because they have never experimented with a blue eyeshadow, or they would have known how it amplifies alluring blue eyes. So, if your eyes are blue, simply select a cool tone like a turquoise blue or frosty blue eyeshadow. Both shades will intensify your blue eyes and that’s just what you want during the festive season.

3. Green eyes

A nice blue eyeshadow glam look with my green eyes and pale af complexion :  r/RandomActsofMakeup
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To enhance the allure of your green eyes, you should pick royal shades of blue. The combination of your soft green eyes and a metallic blue eyeshadow will create a flawless look.

How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow Based on Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to creating a fabulous blue eye makeup look, you should consider your skin tone. Some people believe blue eyeshadows are the worst choice for deep skin complexions. Others say blue eyeliner and navy eyeshadow styles will look dull on a fair-skinned girl. Both assertions are incorrect as blue is a universal color that works well with a variety of skin tones. You just have to find the right blue shade that will enhance the attractiveness of your wonderful skin.

A simple tip is that someone with fair skin should avoid soft blues as the eyeshadow color will be too close to the skin tone. On the contrary, if you opt for turquoise blue eyeshadows, your eyes will pop up. Dark and medium-skinned people, on the other hand, should say yes to shades like electric blue as that will appear vivid against their deeper skin.

Clothing versus Pretty Blue Eyeshadows

Whoever said you should wear a blue dress to pull off blue smokey eyes should stop giving fashion advice. Regal blue eyeshadow looks amazing with yellow, hot pink, white, ivory, and green outfits. Electric blue eyeshadows pair well with orange, coral, bright red, white, and silver clothing. Cool blue eyeshadow can be paired with warm fabric shades like yellow.

Tips to Do Blue Eye Makeup at Home

Whether you like royal blue eyes or shimmering blue eye art, knowing how to apply eyeshadow is crucial. So, follow these basic steps for a professional blue look:

  1. Prep each eyelid with some concealer and pick an eyeshadow shade that will be your transition shade. You also need a darker shade of blue than the one that will take the center stage. Apply the shade and blend it well around the eyelids’ crease. Try to apply a bit below your lower lash line as it’ll look gorgeous.
  2. Now take a lighter shade of blue and highlight the top of your transition color. This shade must be darker than the main shade, but not as dark as the transition shade.
  3. After that, add depth with a rich tone of blue eyeshadow and blend it over the transition shade. You have to apply this same color under the lower lash line to complete the look.
  4.  You can go ahead and draw wings and apply some mascara on your eyebrows when you are done with the eyeshadow.

5 Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Trends

Looking for some easy yet interesting blue hues looks to glam up your eyes? These are some of the best blue eyeshadow looks in 2023 that even Bollywood and Hollywood celebs have fallen in love with.

1. Winged eyeliner with light blue

Everyday Blue Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes | Makeup Tutorial - YouTube
Image Source: Winged eyeliner with light blue

A winged eyeliner and pastel blue eye makeup is a match made in heaven. This classic and chic look is suitable for a night out with your girls.

2. Blue smokey eyes

Blue glitter smokey eye makeup tutorial - YouTube
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Smoky eyes look irresistibly seductive. So, a dramatic look with a smoky effect is bound to make heads turn.

3. Pairing blue with gold sparkle

65 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks : Blue and gold eye shadow look | Colorful makeup,  Eye makeup, Gold makeup looks
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How to add something new to the usual bright blue eye design? If you are dressing up for a fancy event, give dimension to your blue eyeshadow with a shiny gold eyeshadow.

4. Matte blue eyeshadow

Makeup Artists Say Blue Eyeshadow Is a Fall 2022 Trend
Image Source: InStyle

You can also try blue matte eyes this winter as opposed to the cream eyeshadow as it’s the best shade to wear when you are outdoors.

5. Halo blue eyes

Brown and Blue Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial - YouTube
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If the eyeshadow you wear is concentrated on the outer and inner corners of the eyes, you will end up creating a striking look for a special occasion.

How to Make Your Royal Blue Eye Makeup Look Last Longer?

Royal blue eyeshadow or light blue eyeshadow can be a showstopper, but how can you make it stay intact for hours? Use a concealer or primer as the base and apply setting spray in the end.

To Sum Up

So, blue eyeshadows can accentuate blue and brown eyes, brown and fair skin. It will look great on you if you approach it with excitement instead of trepidation.

We hope you found the inspiration you were looking for to come up with a blue eyeshadow look that stands out. Then what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with diverse hues of blue from your eyeshadow palette and you’ll be amazed to see how the color of the eyeshadows can warm up or cool down your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I create a stunning blue eyeshadow look for a night out?

Glitter blue eyeshadow is a great idea for a night party. Just take a smudger brush and apply a dark shade of eyeshadow on the upper lash line to draw a subtle wing. Adorn the inner corner of your eyes with a silver or white eyeshadow and add some glitter on the outer corner. Finish the look by applying mascara to the lashes.

Q. What are the best color combinations with blue eyeshadow for everyday wear?

Smoky blue eyes with a halo effect, shimmery blue eyeshadow along the lower lash line, cobalt eye shadow on the upper lash, glam dark blue eyeshadow with some shimmer, and pastel blue eyeshadow are some lovely daily-wear eyeshadow looks.

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