Christmas Nail Art 2023: Attractive Nail Designs to Feel Festive 

Christmas Nail Art

There are innumerable ways to get into the holiday spirit. You will decorate the house, bake aromatic pies, and prepare a list of classic Christmas songs. But another great way to celebrate the glamor and glitz of Christmas is by painting your nails. With stunning Christmas nail art 2023, you will have the most memorable Christmas.

Looking for some beautiful Christmas nail art ideas? I have curated a list of some simple Christmas design ideas for beginners. From snowflake nail to accent nail to red and white polish – this list includes the most alluring festive Christmas nail art ideas from 2022 and 2023.

Blue, Chocolate & Red Glitters and Snowflakes Christmas Nails 

Are you thrilled to be united with your siblings this Christmas? As a nail stylist, these are some of my favorite Christmas holiday manicure recommendations for you.

Red French tips with some sparkle

Red French tips with some sparkle
Image Source: Nails By Yen


If you have long nails, here’s a Christmas nail art 2023 you’ll fall in love with. You already know what a French manicure is. But it is Christmas, and you need something befitting the occasion. So, pick a bold red shade for the tips of your nails. Apply nail gel on the rest of the nails and draw snowflakes on them with a white color.

Ice blue nail polish

Ice blue nail polish
Image Source: Pinterest


There’s something magical about the icy blue Christmas nail color. Your partner won’t be able to resist kissing your hands. Wondering how to achieve this flawless look. Apply a soothing blue shade and finish it off with some transparent glitter.

Chocolaty nails 

Chocolaty nails 
Image Source: Byrdie


When it’s winter, you can’t have enough of hot chocolate and dark chocolates. So, here’s one of the Christmas nail trends that takes inspiration from your comfort drink. So, ditch pastel hues and buy a glittery nail paint in the shade coffee. Don’t forget to click some pictures of the gorgeous nails wrapped around a coffee mug.

Green Christmas Tree and String Lights Manicure: Easy Christmas Nail Styles 

Christmas lights on your nails

Christmas Nail Art
Image Source: Nail Designs Daily


What is so special about silver and gold Christmas lights that they make your home inviting and attractive? So, think about drawing strings of lights on your nails after getting your Christmas manicure done. It’s an easy to DIY idea that you can try in green or any other shade. These lights can come in unique shapes and sizes.

Bright green shade nail art 

Christmas Nail Art
Image Source: Fab Mood


Christmas candies come in all types of bright colors. If you like radiant colors, why not give a twist to the traditional color palate this winter? All you will need is a cute green nail enamel. Want to make it look more like Christmas? After that, draw a snowflake on the center of each nail.

Christmas trees amidst a snowy background

Christmas trees amidst a snowy background
Image Source: Pinterest


Christmas celebrations are incomplete without bringing home a big Christmas tree. You will decorate the tree with your family as it snows outside. So, why not paint your nails white and draw tiny Christmas trees on them? You can do this perfectly if you keep your hands steady.

Winter Sparkle Christmas Nail Art: DIY Christmas Nail Designs 2023 

If you are a fan of glitter nails, scroll down to come across some amazing Christmas nail trends. 

Shades of pink and silver tips 
Image Source: Pinterest


Pink is such a girly color that is fit for every occasion from weddings to baby showers to Christmas parties. Add a sparkly element to the usual pink nails and everyone will say you have the best Christmas nails.

Glossy red nails with black tips 

Glossy red nails with black tips 
Image Source: Etsy


Classic red is the ultimate shade of the holidays. The best thing about a crimson gel manicure is that it will last a month. Add a shiny top coat and the tips can be glittery black. You can also do red and white Christmas nails the same way.

Other Trending Christmas Nail Patterns 2023: Festive Christmas Nail Designs

Striped nails that match your warmest sweater
Image Source: Byrdie


Every girl has multiple striped sweaters in her wardrobe. So, a cool and thoughtful way of dressing up will be to match your nails with your outfit. For that, buy nail paints according to the color of your coziest sweater. Then you will appear fashionable even without doing much.

Nails that remind all of Santa Clause
Image Source: Cute DIY Projects


Take your nail art game to the next level by asking Santa to reside on your nails. You simply have to draw a chubby Santa on one nail and his hat on the others. If it’s the 11th hour and you want a quick fix, Santa nail stickers are easily available.

Wreaths on nude nails

Wreaths on nude nails
Image Source: Stylist


When it is Christmas, we always look for gift ideas to please our near and dear ones. So, wreath-adorned nails are as adorable as popcorn strings and poinsettias. When you go out with your friends, your nails will stand out.

Crescent moon nails on a pale pink base 

Crescent moon nails on a pale pink base 
Image Source: Itakeyou


Half moons are a fun Christmas trend that will pop at any party. Use a subtle pink shade and wait for it dry entirely. After that, that a pointed paint brush and draw the crescent moons.

Tips to achieve nail art looks perfect for Christmas

  1. Classic French manicure and traditional red and green are timeless Christmas nail ideas.
  2. Classic nails with green tips, snowflake nail art, and glazed donut nails are some popular Christmas nail art design ideas.
  3. If you aren’t a pro, you can pick simple Christmas nails that anyone can try at home. For a perfect acrylic nail art, you might require the help of a nail technician.
  4. To make people notice your festive nail art, draw Christmas elements like reindeer nail art, candies, mistletoe, Santa hat, snowflakes, and so on.
  5. Pick a radiant Christmas color combination like green and gold, red Christmas nail, etc.

Wishing You a Merry Manicure! 

I hope you loved my suggestions on simple 2023 holiday nail art ideas. All of these designs are so pretty that anyone will fall for your nails. So, sit with your favorite nail shades and unleash your creative self.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long does Christmas nail art last?

How long your Christmas nail art remains intact depends on how you maintain your nails. You can apply a thick layer of nail gel once the nail art is completely dry. Put on your gloves when cooking and cleaning.

Q. How can I create Christmas nail art for 2023?

To do Christmas nail art at home, look for quick and easy Christmas nail art 2023. You can opt for designs that are aesthetic and easy to draw at the same time. To create something extraordinary, you may look for a nail art salon in your locality.

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