10 Elephant Mehndi Design Perfect for the Festive Season and Bridal Makeover 

elephant mehndi design

With every festive season, there comes a new trend of gorgeous mehndi designs. For instance, the mandala mehndi art sported by the ravishing Alia Bhatt went viral in 2022. This year, everyone is talking about how cute an elephant mehndi design looks. And since it is popular at the moment, we have found the prettiest mehndi designs featuring elephant motifs for our lovely ladies.

Wonderful Elephant Motif Designs Trending on Pinterest

Be it Navratri or a close friend’s wedding – some people just love to draw mehndi designs on their hands and feet. And there are so many artistic mehndi designs available on the internet that you will never run out of inspiration. From Arabic mehndi to floral designs to jaali patterns – your options are endless.

Elephant mehndi design is one such beautiful mehndi style that is getting a lot of attention these days. And if you are a fan of them, you have come to the right place. Scroll down to check out a plethora of elephant-themed mehndi designs,

  1. Royal elephants on your palms

    Royal elephants on your palms
    Image Source: WedMeGood

There’s no denying that elephants are among the most royal animals. In olden times, they were symbolic of royalty as kings and maharajas rode them. So, for your lavish wedding, elephants on your hands will go well with your expensive bridal attire.

  1. Intricate elephant mehndi

Intricate elephant mehndi
Image Source: Pinterest

If you are applying mehndi for some auspicious occasion, you can opt for a design with intricate detailing. However, for this type of elephant mehndi for hands, you will need an expert mehndi artist.

  1. Herd of elephants

Herd of elephants
Image Source: WedMeGood

Looking for an elephant mehndi design that will reflect your uniqueness? What are your thoughts on featuring a herd of elephants across your arms? It is a bridal mehndi design as brides mostly prefer full-hand mehndi patterns.

  1. Henna artwork with elephants and temples

Henna artwork with elephants and temples
Image Source: WedMeGood

Want some cultural elephant henna designs to please your in-laws? Then what can be better than a mehndi design depicting temples? But since you want something extraordinary, you can add some elephants as well.

  1. A single elephant on each hand

Elephant Mehndi Design
Image Source: stylex

Are you planning to give your mehndi a regal appearance? Then you can simply draw a big elephant on the centre of your palm. The presence of the majestic creature will instantly add a traditional touch to your modern mehndi design.

Some More Gorgeous Mehendi Art with Elephant Henna Design

  1. Tiny elephant motifs

A single elephant on each hand
Image Source: WeddingBazaar

Not sure how to implement elephant motifs as you have small hands? Instead of one big elephant, you can opt for many small elephants. This is also a kids elephant mehndi design that will make the hands of a child look extra cute.

  1. Small elephant mehndi with geometric patterns

elephant mehndi design
Image Source: Pinterest

An interesting way of incorporating elephants in your mehndi design is by drawing geometric patterns on the back of your hands and then filling up the void with small elephants. The design is so aesthetic that you will cherish the ‘Mehndi’ pictures forever.

  1. Elephant and jaali artwork

Elephant Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

Wondering what can be a mehndi design with elephant for your feet? You can draw mesh patterns on the toes and half of the legs. After that, draw an elephant on the remaining half of each foot. You’ll be amazed by how pretty the entire thing will turn out to be.

  1. Floral design with elephants

Floral design with elephants
Image Source:
arrt passion

Another cool way of including elephants in your mehndi design is by interspersing flowers with elephant motifs. When it comes to drawing elephant mehndi for hands, you just have to make sure that the elephants look good with the rest of the design elements.

  1. A minimalist elephant design

Elephant Mehndi Design
Image Source:

If you are someone who appreciates minimal mehendi, you can draw an elephant at the centre of your hand and a leafy henna design on one finger. If you are in a hurry, this simple elephant mehndi will be done in no time. Instead of cluttered, it will look neat in images.

Tips to Make Your Elephant Mehndi Darker and Stay Longer

Drawing mehndi on your hands like a pro is an art and you will get better with patience. However, to do it like a professional, you need to keep certain things in mind. Here are some effective tips that accomplished mehndi artists share with their clients to make their amazing elephant mehndi design stay intact for days.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is get rid of dead cells by exfoliating the skin. If you do this before painting your hands, the henna will stick better.
  2. If you are a beginner, you can use mehndi stencils instead of drawing on your own.
  3. Buy organic henna of good quality to get a darker hue.
  4. Once you have made the pattern, you can apply natural ingredients like lemon juice and mustard oil to achieve a darker shade.
  5. For an intense color, leave the henna overnight before washing your hands.
  6. When you step out, avoid sun exposure and wear gloves when doing household chores. These two tricks will prevent your mehndi from lightening quickly.

The Final Thought

Lastly, mehndi designs are always evolving and therefore, you need to keep up with the latest trends. For now, which elephant mehndi pattern from our list did you like the most?

Need more elegant bridal mehendi design ideas? Then follow us to stay updated on the newest mehndi styles that you’d like to recreate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an elephant mehndi design?

When it comes to decorating their slender hands, women always look for fresh designs and the elephant henna design has become popular this wedding season. It means drawing elephant motifs on your hands in a way that appears regal.

Q. How do you make an elephant mehndi design stand out?

To make a handmade elephant mehndi design stand out, you need to ensure that the strokes are flawless. The design you choose should also be unique and visually appealing. Lastly, no matter how perfect the design, it will grab other’s attention only when it leaves a dark stain.

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