How To Make Mehndi Dark And Long Lasting Overnight: 8 Ways

how to make mehndi dark

A bride wants everything to be flawless. Once you are done finalizing the wedding attire and the accessories, what next? The mehndi on your hands plays a crucial role in completing your look for the big day. I’ve always heard people say that the darker the mehndi in a bride’s hand, the deeper her husband’s love for her. So, are you looking for how to make mehndi dark overnight? Then there are some tried and tested tricks for you. 

How to make your front hand simple mehndi design darker?

5 Natural Tips For Darken Mehndi

In the Indian culture, mehndi symbolizes fertility. A bride’s hands are incomplete without a mehndi design flaunting her partner’s name on them. Looking for unique Mehndi ideas? You will find a variety of front-hand mehndi tutorials online. These tutorials are for beginners. With practice, you can paint your hands like a professional. 

But what should you do to make the color dark and last longer? Desi ‘nuskas’ often work like magic in giving a bride-to-be the desired look. As a mehndi artist, I share these secrets with all my lovely brides:

1. Wash your hands with a handwash

All set to try front-hand henna designs on your hands? Don’t forget to wash your hands in a hurry. Washing rigorously with soap is important before applying the henna. You should also dry your hands properly with a hand towel. You cannot rub any cold cream or moisturizer after that. The drier your skin, the better it will absorb the mehndi’s hue. 

2. Apply Eucalyptus oil

Indigenous people know the advantages of Eucalyptus oil. But did you know its effectiveness in preserving your mehndi design? Taking a few drops of this herbal oil will do the trick. Rub your palms against each other before the henna application for amazing results. Note that applying excess Eucalyptus oil can have negative effects.

3. Add a mixture of sugar and lemon juice

This step is significant to darken the color of mehndi naturally. Both sugar and lemon are easily available in any household. But you have to allow the easy mehndi design front hand to dry off completely. After that, prepare a mixture with equal quantities of these two ingredients. 

Take a cotton ball to make the application process hassle-free. Your hands will become sticky because of the presence of sugar. You must also remember that overdoing it can be disastrous. Apply too much lemon and sugar may end up lightening the mehndi’s color instead of brightening it. 

4. Keep the mehndi for as long as you can

What should you do once you have recreated easy mehndi designs on your palms? Adorning your hands with beautiful henna requires patience. You want the design to be prominent. Hence, removing the henna in an hour or two won’t work. The longer you keep the henna, the better the outcome. The best option is to let it remain on your hands overnight. Only then the trending front-hand patterns will appear fabulous.

5. Take the help of clove smoke

You’ll love it when the guests complement your delicate hands. All eyes will be on the elegant henna design you’ve chosen. So, the pattern must be visible. Other than sugar and lemon, clove juice is immensely beneficial. Most women use it to darken their mehndi. Curious to know how this works?

Take some cloves in a pan after turning on the heat. Place your hands over the hot pan. Make sure the smoke released from the heated cloves comes in contact with your hands. Repeat this activity at least thrice for the clove smoke to do the wonder. Be careful as burning your hands is the last thing you need one day before your wedding

6. Rely on mustard oil for the desired result

You got all the front-hand henna inspiration you needed. You are happy with the mehndi design you have drawn. But do you feel the color is not as dark as you expected? Is there something you can do at the last minute? The elders of the house might recommend using pickle oil or mustard oil. Everyone is aware of the benefits of mustard oil. It boosts the mehndi’s color within hours. 

7. Apply Vicks on your quick mehndi designs for hand

Congratulations! You have kept the mehndi intact the whole night. It has dried overnight. Now it’s time to see how it has turned out. The right way of removing the dried henna is by rubbing the hands against one another.

The final step is to apply Vicks. You cannot do it unless you have removed the henna entirely. Take a generous quantity of Vicks. It is an excellent color enhancer with zero side effects. 

8. Don’t wax or shave afterward

Whether you have chosen basic mehndi designs or something with extreme detailing, waxing is a big no. You must shave or wax your hands before doing the simple henna art. Even body polishing can brush off the mehndi’s top layer. Then your mehndi will have a faded look.

So, why take chances on the most special occasion of your life? Better keep your waxing appointment 2-3 days before the mehndi night. 

Parting Thoughts 

So, whatever your hand mehndi styles, follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get deeper and darker mehndi. You may think there is no connection between a husband’s affection and the color of the mehndi. Even then, dark and intricate mehndi will enhance the beauty of your pretty hands. Dark mehndi will also look perfect in the wedding photographs. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the best tools for creating a front-hand simple mehndi design?

A: Mehndi pen, mehndi stencil, and mehndi applicator are the most commonly used tools to do mehndi designs for beginners

Q: How long does a front-hand simple mehndi design typically last?

A: How long your easy mehndi design front hand lasts will depend on how you maintain it. For most brides, it lasts between 1 week and 3 weeks. It will fade quickly if you wash your hands frequently. 

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