How to Wear Eye Makeup with Glasses: Eye Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

how to wear eye makeup with glasses

Makeup is never complete unless you enhance the beauty of your eyes. But if you wear glasses, doing eye makeup and keeping it smudge-free can be a real struggle. What if I told you that there are ways to do salon-like eye makeup at home even to beautify your eyes even if you wear glasses? Excited to know more about eye makeup for glass wearers? Then scroll down to find out how to wear eye makeup with glasses and slay like a queen.

Glasses Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Glasses Makeup Dos and Don'ts

If you have been ignoring those lovely eyes beneath your glasses, stop doing that. Just like lip makeup, smoky eyes and other eye makeup are also possible irrespective of the kind of glasses you wear. Now scroll down to know how to glorify your eyes, eyelashes, and eyelids for a bolder makeover.

1. Use a mattifying moisturizer

Before you start experimenting with bold glasses makeup ideas, prepping your skin is mandatory. But if you apply a regular moisturizer on oily and shiny skin, you will end up creating a slippery slope and you have to keep pushing the glasses up a hundred times. Again, the skin around the eyes is so delicate that moisturizing is a must.

So, what you need is a product that can counteract the slippage. There are excellent mattifying and lightweight creams that will hydrate the area around your eyes and control sebum production at the same time. Then it will become easy for you to apply makeup.

2. Take the help of a magnifying mirror

One of the makeup tips for glass wearers is to keep a magnifying mirror handy, especially if you are short-sighted. That’s because you will have to remove your glasses to apply makeup and that will blur your vision. If there’s a magnifying glass, you will be able to see your eye area clearly and apply the eyeliner and eyeshadow neatly.

3. Apply less foundation

A common problem that glass wearers encounter is smudges and dents left behind by the nose pads, bridge and arms of their glasses. The thicker the foundation, the more noticeable the indents will become. It might also turn cakey after some hours. Additionally, even the best-fitting specs can become slippery if you apply too much concealer and foundation.

So, what’s the solution? It’s simple. Don’t apply more foundation than is needed to conceal your dark circles.

4. Curl the lashes

Does your mascara always get messy after you put on the glasses? Then I will teach you a smart way of wearing mascara for glass wearers. Use a curler to curl those lashes and they won’t keep nudging against the lens of the glasses.

An added advantage is that lifted lashes instantly make small eyes appear bigger, wider, and brighter. Another cool trick is to always wait for a minute after applying mascara so that it dries completely and always purchase waterproof mascara. Follow these two tips and mascara smudges on your glasses won’t impair your vision ever again.

5. Use the right makeup tools

Makeup artists can do flawless eye makeup because they have nice tools to make your eyes appealing. So, you too should invest in nimble and sleek makeup brushes to simplify your task.

6. Make sure the eyebrows match the frame

It would help if you also devoted some attention to your eyebrows. Remove the excessive hair growth from time to time to get a natural look. The aim should be to keep the brows neither too light nor too heavy. Just keep them beautifully defined and groomed instead of keeping them too thin or too bold. You should also make sure the color you select is not extremely dark. For example, brown generally suits all skin types.

Easy Steps to Do Flattering Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers

Now that you have learnt the tricks and tips to overcome challenges when doing eye makeup, let’s find out how you can apply makeup to complement glasses frames. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of a simple makeup look that will do justice to your modern frames:

  • Step 1

With the ring finger, apply a shimmering and hydrating cream-based eyeshadow. One of the preferred eyeshadow techniques for glasses wearers is to apply along the lid and blend up towards the brow bone. The base shade of the eyeshadow should always be fresh and bright enough to fight the shadows cast by the frames.

  • Step 2

Now you will need a soft eyeshadow brush for applying a deeper shade to your eyelid’s outer corner in a neat V-shape. This second step will give definition to your eyes, and it’ll be impossible for people to ignore them even if they are beneath glasses.

  • Step 3

To line the lower lashes, don’t take more eyeshadow. With the same blending brush, blend whatever product is remaining on the bristles. Start applying from the outer corner and gradually move inwards.

  • Step 4

Now you can apply the eyeliner and one of the prettiest eyeliner styles for glasses is to apply a thin line and create a slight flick on reaching the outer corner of the eye. Carefully twist the eyeliner brush upwards and outwards and lift your eyes. Then gently smudge the line for a diffused, smoky look.

  • Step 5

How can one forget the highlighter which can be a gamechanger? Therefore, feel free to tap some cream-based highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone to make those enchanting eyes pop.

  • Step 6

If you have under-eye concealer, mix it with the highlighter and apply 3 dots under the eyes. Blend properly. The eyes will become wide awake and if there was any darkness, it will be gone.

  • Step 7

As it’s natural makeup for glasses, kajal won’t be necessary. Instead, curl the lashes and apply mascara. For some extra oomph, don’t feel shy to give a second coat. Now look in the mirror and admire the masterpiece you have created.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I’d like to remind you that even a pair of glasses can be a chic fashion accessory. So, instead of being upset about wearing glasses, follow the above-mentioned glasses-friendly makeup hacks. With the right makeup, everyone will notice your pretty eyes underneath the glasses.

You can further elevate your look by choosing a frame that goes with the shape of your face. This way, your eye look will stand out and you won’t hate your glasses so much. So, do you think it is time to go eyeglasses shopping?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makeup techniques enhance the eyes while wearing glasses?

A: To create glass makeup looks that appear aesthetic, you should apply eyeliner neatly so that the eyes are seen through the thick glasses. Another technique is using a black kajal to define the eyes and make them look bigger.

Q. How can I prevent makeup smudging on my glasses throughout the day?

A: After doing stunning eye makeup, makeup smudging is the last thing you want. To prevent that from happening, give your skin some time to absorb each product before layering. You should also let the mascara dry up before adorning your face with your glasses. Then the makeup won’t be cakey or smudgy and it will stay intact for long hours.

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