10 Attractive Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style to Look Effortlessly Stylish

lehenga dupatta draping style

When it comes to buying a lehenga for an upcoming occasion, we always wonder if it’ll be wise to invest a lot in a designer lehenga. We share so many photos on Instagram and WhatsApp that everyone will know if we repeat our outfits. This is where your lehenga dupatta draping style can come to your rescue. If you know how to drape a dupatta in different ways, you can easily create the illusion that you’re wearing a new dress.

Want to learn some of the trendiest designer dupatta draping techniques? Here you will find the most attractive draping styles that are bound to make your attire stand out.

How to Drape a Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles?

While lehengas can make any woman look absolutely gorgeous, many of us still don’t know what to do with the dupatta. If you don’t carry your dupatta with grace, no matter how expensive your lehenga is, you will end up looking clumsy. So, we are here with some helpful dupatta setting tips for Indian weddings. Whether you like to drape the dupatta in a traditional way or create a modern look to flaunt your embellished blouse – you will find plenty of ideas here to take lehenga dupatta styling to the next level. Two popular styles are:

  • One dupatta draping technique
  • Double dupatta draping technique

5 Ways of Styling Lehenga Choli with Elegant Dupatta Drape 

Without further ado, let us explore some unique ways to drape your lehenga dupatta. Here are some great ideas to elevate your lehenga look by being creative with your net dupatta:

1. Tuck the dupatta in your waist

lehenga dupatta draping style

Image Source: WedMeGood

2. Dupatta on one side

lehenga dupatta draping style
Image Source: B Anu Designs

If your dupatta is short, then you won’t be able to experiment much. In that case, let it hand from your left shoulder and attach it to your blouse. This type of contemporary lehenga dupatta styling will let you show off your slender waist.

3. Drape it the Sabyasachi way

lehenga dupatta draping style
Image Source: B Anu Designs

If there’s one person who knows how to make a woman look like a goddess in ethnic dresses, he is Sabyasachi. So, you can also borrow inspiration from a Sabyasachi bride and for that, you will need two dupattas. While one heavy dupatta will hang from your head, the other sheer dupatta will be placed diagonally to cover your tummy. Don’t you love this traditional lehenga dupatta arrangement?

4. Dupatta draped like a saree pallu

lehenga dupatta draping style
Image Source: WeddingBazaar

To create a neat look, you may consider wearing your dupatta like the pallu of a saree. Pin your dupatta on the left shoulder, circle it around the waist, and tuck in the other loose end with your lehenga skirt. It has such a sophisticated vibe that this innovative dupatta setting for lehengas is a must-try.

5. Belt up your lehenga

lehenga dupatta draping style
Image Source: GetEthnic

For some people, it is challenging to manage a long and heavy dupatta. Want some dupatta draping ideas for parties so that you can dance freely? Then you will look captivating if you make neat pleats like a saree and secure the dupatta in a fuss-free way by using a belt. After that, you can more around and enjoy yourself.

Some More Interesting Single Dupatta Draping Styles 

Still not sure how you should drape your dupatta with the bridal outfit you have selected? Scroll down if you need some more suggestions on draping lehenga dupattas like a pro.

1. Hold the dupatta like a princess

Contemporary Dupatta Draping Ideas for that perfect bridal look!
Image Source: Shaadivaale

If you always dreamt of dressing up like a princess, you don’t need a gown for that. You will appear equally dazzling in a flowy lehenga skirt only if you know this lehenga dupatta draping style. All you have to do is tuck in the dupatta with one of your bangles on both hands.

2. Showcase the dupatta in front

Showcase the dupatta in front
Image Source: WedMeGood

A lovely and cheerful girl like you can also display the dupatta in front to look lively. First, layer the soft fabric on one side and then take the rest of it to hold it over the other arm. This is a no fuss ethnic outfit which will exude royalty.

3. Wear the dupatta around your neck

Wear the dupatta around your neck
Image Source: Mirraw Blog

Although not one of the ethnic lehenga dupatta designs, wearing your lehenga’s dupatta around your neck is a fabulous way to make a fashion statement. It is an emerging style that many bridesmaids are gladly following.

4. Designing a cape with the dupatta

Designing a cape with the dupatta
Image Source: Wish N Wed

Are you someone who has fun experimenting with her looks? Then ditch the common wedding lehenga dupatta styles and go ahead with wearing your dupatta like a cape. This is a fusion attire that will reflect your unique personality.

5. Suit-style draping

Suit-style draping
Image Source: WeddingWire.in

As the name suggests, you can also drape the dupatta of your lehenga in an easy breezy manner by wearing it like a suit’s dupatta. Pin it on both the sides of your shoulder to ensure it does not become messy. The side ends of the dupatta will fall freely and adorn your back if you make a bun.

To Sum Up 

So, now the fashionista in you won’t have to be confused about how to drape the dupatta of your favorite lehenga. All the designer dupatta draping techniques we included on our list are easy and can be done within minutes.

If you need some more inspiration this wedding season, you can also watch lehenga dupatta draping tutorials on YouTube and practice a few times to master the art. Soon, all your cousins and friends will come to you when they can’t figure out what to do with their dupattas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are some popular lehenga dupatta draping styles for weddings?

Veil style of draping dupatta, head-covered bridal dupatta, saree style net silk dupatta, and Gujarati style of wearing a dupatta are some chic ways to make a dupatta flatter your curves on special events like sangeet and haldi.

Q: Can you provide tips for securing the lehenga dupatta in place?

To keep your designer bridal lehenga dupatta in place, you must ensure that it is pleated and pinned properly. Whether it is your wedding day or some family function – simply pin the dupatta to the waist or shoulder irrespective of your way of wearing it.

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