The Sexiest Neck Tattoos for Women: Best Neck Tattoo Ideas for Stylish Girls

Neck Tattoos for Women

A tattoo is a work of art and no matter how small it is, it can reveal a lot about the type of woman you are. So, from the moment you have made up your mind to get a neck tattoos for women, you must have been exploring hundreds of options. If you are still confused and unable to choose that one neck tattoo design that will reflect your personality, I am here to help you.

I have not just compiled a list of the most stunning neck tattoos for women but also explained what each one of these tattoos mean. So, scroll down and I assure you that you will find the tattoo design that’s meant for you.

Best Neck Tattoos for Women

A woman who has a neck tattoo is perceived by all as strong, wild, and bold. However, if chosen thoughtfully, some designs can also point to the person’s soft, emotional, and feminine side.

Excited to get inked and make heads turn? Then have a look at these aesthetic tattoo ideas for the back of the neck.

1. Pink flower tattoo

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Pink is a lovely shade and ever since the movie Barbie was released, we girls keep looking for opportunities to wear pink with pride. Do you feel like living your Barbie dream? Then a minimalist pink floral tattoo adorning your neck is not at all a bad idea.

2. Quote tattoo

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Some quotes and so deep and thought-provoking that they can impact our lives profoundly and change our perspective of the world. If you have come across any such quote that ended up becoming your motto in life, don’t feel shy to get it inscribed on your neck.

3. Tribal tattoo art

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Are you searching for unique and small tattoo designs? Then you are bound to fall in love with tribal tattoo art that tribal communities have been preserving for hundreds of years. Their interesting designs and patterns make them immensely appealing, and they are also replete with symbolism.

4. Butterfly tattoo

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Another cool feminine tattoo design is the butterfly tattoo. Butterflies are symbolic of freedom and struggles that are necessary to achieve specific goals. So, when there is a butterfly on your neck, in your hard times, you will be reminded of a caterpillar’s journey to a butterfly.

5. Dream catcher back of neck tattoo

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Everyone knows that dream catchers invite positivity to our homes and that’s why we hang them in the courtyard, window, or balcony. But did you know that having a dream catcher tattoo is another way of keeping negative thoughts at bay? Moreover, this type of tattoo on the neck will also enhance your physical appeal.

6. Music notes tattoo design

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If you are moved by powerful music, then inscribing music notes on the side or center of your neck is a brilliant idea. It will also help people understand that you are a music lover and therefore, tempt other music enthusiasts to connect with you. So, don’t be surprised if this tattoo leads you to your soulmate.

7. Rose tattoo

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If you are a fan of minimalist tattoos, what are your thoughts on getting a rose tattoo? A red rose stands for love, devotion, and compassion, and hence, it is one of the most romantic tattoos. So, instead of overthinking, just go for it!

8. Full neck tattoo

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While a tattoo on the side of the neck is undoubtedly alluring, full neck tattoos are cool on another level. So, if you are daring enough, you can pick a large tattoo design that will cover your entire neck. It could be a lion, mandala art, or the face of your favorite person.

9. Sunflower tattoo

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Sunflowers are so vibrant that sunflower prints look fabulous on dresses, shoes, accessories, and home decor. Hence, a lively woman like you should certainly get a tattoo featuring sunflowers, especially if the sun is your ruling planet.

10. Wings neck tattoo for girls and women

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Wings represent freedom and therefore, wings are among the small neck tattoos that have gained popularity. If you think of yourself as a free-spirited woman who wants to live freely and independently, say yes to inking wings on your pretty neck.

11. Star tattoo

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Stars and other heavenly bodies commonly feature on the neck, wrist, and waist. As they are super cute, you can consider having a constellation of stars on the back of your neck. This is a great way to showcase your fascination with the cosmos.

12. Snake throat tattoo

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If you are a badass person, you need a tattoo that will make sure nobody messes with you. A snake neck tattoo is one such tattoo design that will let everyone know that you cannot be taken lightly.

13. Cute heart tattoo

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Are you a romantic girl who loves to watch films like Sleepless in Seattle and Titanic? Then how can you say no to a heart tattoo? Moreover, when Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you want to give a sweet surprise to your partner, what could be more exciting than this, right?

Parting Thoughts

So, which neck tattoo design are you going ahead with? Is it the butterfly neck tattoo or the heart-themed front neck tattoo? Whichever design you select, make sure you get it done by a skilled tattoo artist to get the desired outcome.

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