Princess Cut Blouse Designs That Are Trending in 2024

Princess Cut Blouse

Saree lovers can never get over the Princess cut blouse which is one of the most stunning blouse patterns. It derived its name because of its similarity to the silhouette of a traditional princess gown. The best thing about the Princess cut is that it compliments all types of figures and so you can wear it whether you are slim or chubby. From middle-aged ladies to brides to newlyweds, everyone owns several of these blouses as they can be styled with pants, skirts, lehengas, and sarees.

Does this make you intrigued to find out which Princess cut blouses you should get stitched for yourself? Below are some of the best modern and traditional blouse patterns for a diva like you.

What is a Princess cut blouse?

When you hear the word ‘princess’, what is the image that comes to your mind? Don’t you visualize a ravishing girl with long hair and an aesthetic gown that makes her body look charming? In short, a princess is the epitome of beauty and sophistication, and her outfit plays a key role in making her look like a goddess.

Similarly, unique blouse-cutting techniques make the Princess-cut blouses stand out. The stitching commences at the center of the sleeves from where it extends downward.

Many people confuse Princess cut with Katori cut but the two have striking differences. A Katori cut blouse is a blouse with a round neck and a Katori cut. The blouse has separate pieces enclosing the cups and therefore, a Katori cut blouse can be customized as a padded saree blouse. The neckline of Katori blouses has no design or innovation. In contrast, your Princess-cut blouse will have a wide neckline.

Why is the princess-cut blouse so popular?

The Princess cut, one of the traditional blouse patterns, is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and that explains its worldwide popularity. Because of its classic appearance and versatile nature, women can style it with different types of sarees. Another reason why a lot of women like to wear this blouse pattern is because it gives the ultimate comfort to the wearer. So, you can wear/ remove the blouse effortlessly and wear it comfortably for long hours.

10 Princess cut blouse ideas that will brighten up your wardrobe

One of the oldest blouses cut patterns, Princess cut blouses have got a modern twist and girls have fallen more irrevocably in love with these blouses. So, here are some designs for your inspiration that you can save and show to your designer. Scroll down to go through the list of blouses handpicked for you.

1. Princes-cut blouse featuring a side zip

Embroidered Art Silk Princess Cut Blouse in Dusty Green : UAC413
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If your blouse has a side zip, it is one of the modern Princess cut blouses that strikes a perfect balance between comfort and class. So, it is a must-have blouse type in your wardrobe.

2. Sleeveless Princess-cut

13 Classy Princess Cut Blouse Design To Look Perfect
Image Source: Mirraw Blog

A woman can never have too many sleeveless blouses. They are the best in summer, and they also make you look attractive by revealing your beautiful arms. You can get one in white color so that it goes with multiple shares in dark shades.

3. Embellished Princess-cut

Looking for a blouse that will complement the new and gorgeous lehenga you bought? An embellished blouse with a flawless princess cut is just the blouse you’ve been searching for. So, you have to include this in your festive saree blouse designs collection.

4. Maroon velvet blouse with a Princess cut

Velvet blouses appear so royal that they are ideal for wedding ceremonies and other special occasions. So, if you aren’t sure which blouse to wear at your best friend’s wedding, go with a princess-cut maroon blouse made of fine velvet.

5. Princess cut having silk elbow sleeves

princess cut blouse for women -
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When it comes to choosing elegant saree blouse patterns, there are so many options that a woman can never get bored. One of the cutest designs is a cotton blouse with silk elbows.

6. Yellow kalamkari blouse with Princess cut

Yellow is such a warm shade, and a yellow blouse looks lovely when paired with a black saree. So, for a day function, pick a Princess cut kalamkari blouse in the shade yellow and wear it with a black floral saree to make heads turn.

7. Silk blouse with zari embroidery and princess cut

Need some innovative silk saree blouse ideas? Nothing will glamorize you more than a silk blouse that has zari work at the borders.

8.  Black-colored Ikkat Princess-cut blouse

Readymade Cotton Blouses online,South Indian Cut-JIS Boutique – JIS BOUTIQUE
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The Ikkat fabric is so fantastic that one can never go wrong with it. That’s exactly why you need an Ikkat blouse with block prints, a black base, and a prince-cut design. This is something you can wear to work daily with breathable cotton sarees.

9. Princess-cut blouse with puff sleeves

Saree blouse tailoring leaves room for ample creativity and a Princess-cut having puff sleeves will bring out the fashionista in you. Just be confident and carry it off gracefully.

10. Princess-cut showcasing Boti print

10 Latest and Beautiful Princess Cut Blouse Designs for Every Day Needs
Image Source: myMandap

The front opening is common in many Princess-cut blouses, and it is one of the custom saree blouse styles. And if the blouse has Boti prints, you can easily team it up with a simple saree.

Some more Princess cut sari blouse designs 

A Princess-cut blouse is synonymous with opulence and aristocracy. You will feel fashionable the moment you wear the following blouses:

1. V-neck floral Princess-cut

The V neckline is so seductive that it gives you a chance to celebrate your physicality. It can be included in your bridal trousseau, and you will find plenty of ideas if you browse.

2.  Princess cut with short sleeves and back tassel

Princess Cut Blouse Design-Latest Princess Cut Blouse Designs Back Side And Princess Cut Blouse Design Images Download at Weddingwire
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If you are not a fan of full-sleeve blouses, you will be thrilled to know that a princess-cut blouse can be tailor-made with short sleeves as well. A back tassel will add the oomph factor and draw people’s attention to your sexy back.

3. Pure cotton and Chikankari blouse

Who says your sari blouse always has to be heavily embellished for you to appear presentable? Light makeup, a Chikankari Princess-cut blouse, and a designer saree are the three things required to elevate your look for any party.

4. Red designer blouse with Princess-cut stitch 

Princess Cut Blouse Design-Latest Princess Cut Blouse Designs Back Side And Princess Cut Blouse Design Images Download at Weddingwire
Image Source: Weddingwire

A bright red blouse can enliven any dull outfit and make you a showstopper. So, a must-have blouse is a red Princess cut design that will look exquisite with a white saree.

5. Princess-cut with sequin work

Sequin work is trending these days on platforms like Pinterest. So, why not get one for an upcoming event in a color of your choice and a cute Princess cut?

How to make sure your Princess-cut fits perfectly?

When you want to shop designer blouses for sarees, it is always better to get them custom-made instead of ordering a readymade blouse. A blouse that will hug your curves alluringly is so hard to find that you should get in touch with a skilled tailor. Once you find that trustworthy tailor who will stitch all your blouses the way you want them, your life will be sorted. You will look effortlessly stylish simply by wearing a nice-fitted blouse. Everyone will appreciate your fashion sense.

To Sum Up

So, irrespective of the event you will attend, Princess-cut sari blouses are always appropriate. With so many awesome Indian saree blouse design suggestions, do you feel spoilt for choices? Is it a maroon velvet Princess cut or a Chikankari Prince cut that has won your heart?

It’s a good idea to buy a few of your favorites so that you won’t run out of options whenever you don’t feel like wearing Western dresses or salwar suits. So, when are you going saree blouse shopping?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What are the latest trends in Princess Cut designs for sarees?

Embroidered saree blouses, front-open Princess-cut blouses, star-beading blouses with deep backs, and purple princess-cut blouses are some of the latest princess-cut blouses online.

Q. How do I choose the right Princess Cut design for my saree?

When it comes to selecting the right blouse for yourself, you must consider several factors like your body type, the kind of material, the back and front design, the price, and the color of the saree or lehenga with which you will pair it.

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