How to Recreate the Best Retro Wedding Theme: Vintage Wedding Ideas for Your Dream Wedding

Retro Wedding Decor

There is something about vintage style weddings that make them appear straight out of a fairytale. Be it the bridal gown or the old-styled cameras or the antique furniture – everything about a retro wedding is special. This year, many couples opted for the vintage trend because of its timeless appeal. So, if you too are fascinated by the retro wedding theme, we have got you covered. From the unique decor to the vintage attire – here are some of its aspects that you must consider.

Everything from Retro Wedding Decor to Wedding Photo

Retro Wedding Theme

Once you have made up your mind that you want a retro wedding theme, how to get started? What are the things that require your attention? What type of dress should you wear on D Day? If you are clueless, have a look at these retro wedding ideas to trigger your imagination:

1. Outfits and accessories for the bride 

A retro wedding is incomplete without old-fashioned bridal wear that exudes elegance. Many retro brides prefer to wear a wedding gown that belonged to their mother or grandmother. However, don’t freak out if you do not have a retro gown. You will look equally mesmerizing in a modern dress with minute details that remind people of the vintage era. So, before finalizing a dress for the wedding ceremony, explore vintage garment shops in your city or check out your options online.

When it comes to selecting the accessories, you can go with timeless gold and diamond jewelry. A Juliet veil paired with an embroidered gown and minimalist diamond jewelry will make every guest admire your fashion sense.

2. Vintage wedding venue

Whatever theme you pick for your wedding – it is the venue that will set the mood. It will be great if you can find a historic venue and add vintage wedding décor like old trunks, a Whiskey bar, and lanterns. With outdoor venues, it is easier to invoke a certain theme as greenery used to be an inseparable part of weddings in the bygone eras.

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, how it looks should not be your only criterion. Make sure it is spacious and can has ample parking space.

3. Food for a vintage wedding

It is your wedding, and you can serve whatever you like. As long as the food is delectable, guests will ignore everything else and return home with wide smiles on their faces.

While the menu can be as modern as you want, you can showcase your creativity in decorating the dinner tables. For instance, a table adorned with an ivy garland and other vintage floral arrangements instantly becomes vintage-themed. Serving fruit trays or cheese trays on grazing tables is another excellent idea. Also, what are your thoughts on placing mismatched vases holding wildflowers and greenery?

If you are a fun-loving person, building a tower of glasses to have a champagne toast has to be a part of your wedding celebrations. Some couples also serve cheesecake as it used to be a staple at Greek weddings.

4. The groom’s wardrobe

When you are extremely busy exploring the retro bridal style, it is natural to forget that you also have to pick the menswear. For grooms, it is not that difficult as they can wear any dress as per their family’s traditions. A few simple accessories will be enough to reminisce the era you have in mind. Some of these accessories are hats, ties, and suspenders. White is the most soothing shade for a groom and you can also go with other subtle wedding colors.

5. Wedding invitations

Now let’s talk about classic wedding invitations! Brides have a plethora of options when it comes to picking wedding invitations for a vintage wedding. For instance, if the 1960s retro wedding theme inspires you, the wedding invitations should feature peace signs and bold hues. Wedding invitations in the 1940s prioritized calligraphy in retro font that denoted sophistication.

So, make sure you remember these details as you want nothing to go wrong on your wedding day. What matters more than the look of the wedding invitations is the fact that you send them on time.

6. The wedding reception cake 

How can we forget the retro-themed wedding cake which will be one of the biggest attractions? Vintage cakes have been around for centuries, and their unique designs make them appear irresistibly appetizing. White icing, foliage sprucing, bird toppers, ribbon embroidery, floral appliques, wreath cake topper, candy pearls, and ribbon toppers are some elements that will make your wedding cake stand out.

7. Vintage wedding photography

Traditional photography is all about capturing nostalgic wedding favors and recording contemporary elements. Some of the best places for this kind of wedding photo are old churches, farmhouses, forts, abandoned houses, estates, retro bungalows, and palaces. You can also pose with a vintage car. So, you should pick a photographer who specializes in clicking vintage photos. Only then, your wedding album will be a seamless blend of grace and eternity.

8.  Some other exciting ideas

Since yours will be a retro as well as modern wedding, what can be more vintage than the bride getting out of a 1971 Rolls Royce? You can also get decked up in heirloom jewelry and it would mean every jewelry item has a story behind it. Lastly, play some traditional wedding music to create a dreamy ambience as you exchange wedding vows.

9. Budget for a vintage wedding

How much you spend on your wedding is a matter of personal choice. So, irrespective of the era you have chosen, throwing a retro wedding does not have to be an expensive affair. Simply sit down with your partner and fix the amount you’re comfortable spending on certain elements like the outdoor wedding venue, antique wedding rings, and the wedding attire.

Parting Thoughts

So, how excited are you to celebrate your nuptials in retro style? Now that we have shared so many ideas for your destination wedding, which ones are the best retro wedding ideas for you? Whether you want the dazzle and sparkle of the ’20s or the boho and hippie vibes of the ’60s – start making the arrangements to avoid a last-minute rush.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What are some key elements to include in a retro wedding theme?

Antique wedding rings, Vintage-inspired photobooth, birdcages, antique wedding signs, a vintage wedding dress, historical wedding venues, and floral garlands are some must-have elements to include in a vintage theme wedding.

Q. How can couples personalize their retro wedding theme?

There are many ways of personalizing your wedding party by including elements that represent you and your spouse. So, even if you opt for vintage wedding decorfor your retro wedding, everything from the wedding invitations to the choice of venue to the rituals can have a personal touch.

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