Thanksgiving Nails Acrylic Designs for Nail Art Lovers In 2023

Thanksgiving acrylic nails 

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year. Everyone eagerly waits to fly home and fill their tummies with mashed potatoes. But what you love the most about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to take a break from your mundane life. And as with any festive season, the best way to switch on the celebration mode is by pampering yourself. Beautiful Thanksgiving nails acrylic is perfect to channel the warmth and colors of the season.

The most stylish Thanksgiving acrylic nails 

As a nail technician, I’m passionate about creating unique nail art ideas befitting every occasion. So, you’re at the right place if you need some nail inspiration for this Thanksgiving. I have chosen the best designs from Instagram and Pinterest to ensure you stay in style. 

1. Pumpkin shade acrylic nails 

Thanksgiving Nails Acrylic
Image Source: thepinkbrunette


Want to grab your parents’ attention at the Thanksgiving dinner table? What are your thoughts on matching your manicure with what’s on your plate? A pumpkin-inspired fade is what I have in mind for you. Moreover, orange is a vibrant shade ideal for happy occasions. 

2. Cocoa nails 

When it’s Thanksgiving, the weather is suitable to enjoy hot chocolate and cocoa. Chocolate brown is a lovely shade to enhance the beauty of your hands. Paint your nails chocolate brown and draw thin silver lines at the base and the tip. These nails will give you the feel of a French manicure.

Abstract art

Looking for a Thanksgiving nail art your spouse will find irresistibly charming? Abstract art is the solution when you can’t decide what to wear on your elegant nails. Just draw random patterns with your preferred shades. Trust your instincts! Your creation will become a colorful masterpiece.

Black floral nails

Thanksgiving nails acrylic
Image Source: Darcy Magazine


Thanksgiving is not only about stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie. Dark florals have emerged as a hallmark of Winter and the Fall. So, a black rose design on your long nails will make everyone appreciate your taste. It’s an uncommon design that you must try. 

Gold shimmer

The holiday season has arrived and you feel cheerful all the time. How can your nails not reflect the excitement in your heart? A subtle gold glitter manicure is a classic nail design for Thanksgiving. You can use any shade as the base. Wait for it to dry and apply a thick layer of the golden glitter.

Metallic nails with half-moons 

Are you a fan of DIY Thanksgiving nails with minimalist designs? Then you wish to keep your well-maintained nails simple yet unique. Drawing half moons will be easy even if you are a beginner. You have to admit that it’s an eye-catching design.

Nails bouquet 

Greeting people with bouquets made of fresh flowers invites positive vibes. While the flowers in a bouquet wither soon, the ones on your nails won’t. Therefore, ditch the floral centerpiece this time and paint cute, little bouquets on all nails. 

Neutral slice

Thanksgiving nails acrylic
Image Source: Style your occasion


Unsure what a neutral slice means? You need to pair two complementary colors and separate them with a neat diagonal slant. Sometimes, simple things are enough to do the trick. 

Nude florals 

Nude shades are taking the world by storm. They look appealing on your lips and your nails. And nude florals are trending. Create a base with any light shade and carefully do the dainty daisy detailing. You’ll be impressed by the results.

Pumpkin bites 

A list of Thanksgiving nail designs is incomplete without a couple of Pumpkin-themed ideas. Tiny pumpkin-colored accents on your nails will remind everyone of pies topped with whipped cream. 

Rectangular accents 

Nothing like nails that complement your most comfy sweater! Rectangular accents are a great option for first-timers. Simply start with a white base and add a cube at the center. It is not loud but chic. 

Cranberry accents 

Thanksgiving nails acrylic
Image Source : alexie


Cranberry is an alluring shade that looks exquisite on long and short nails. It is a bold autumnal color reminding everyone of juicy berries. Apply the berry shade in a diagonal shape to win hearts. 

Geometric nails 

Here’s one of the modern Thanksgiving acrylic nails that you can do at home. Geometric shapes appear effortlessly classy. As it is the holiday season, combine multiple shades to make your nails stand out.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is another must-wear color for the moody Fall. Manicured nails in a bright yellow shade that looks adorable on another level. 

Warm and rich chocolate

Are you keen on bringing the hygge vibe to your boring nails? A warm chocolate brown nail paint will do the trick. 

Tips to make your Thanksgiving nails acrylic last longer 

Every woman wants her nails to look stunning forever. And it is possible to make your dazzling Thanksgiving nails last as long as 3 weeks. Here are some suggestions I offer my gorgeous clients: 

  • Lack of moisture will break down the acrylics. So, use cuticle oil and hand cream to hydrate your nails. 
  • You must wear gloves when engaged in household chores like gardening or doing the dishes. 
  • You may be in love with the sound of your new acrylic nails tapping on your phone. But this puts pressure on them and they’ll need replacing soon. So, don’t put pressure on them. 
  • Apply a top coat and your nails will continue to be chip-free and glossy. 

Therefore, take care of your nails and they will look fabulous for days.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

So, now you have your specialized list of Thanksgiving nails acrylic colors and trends. But are you worried that your nail technician is booked for the entire month of November? Wondering where to purchase Thanksgiving nail decals? Plenty of DIY nails are available on online shopping sites.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long do Thanksgiving acrylic nails last?
A: How long your Thanksgiving nail art or acrylic nails last depends on how you maintain them. They will remain intact for at least two weeks if you take proper care.

Q: What are the popular designs for Thanksgiving acrylic nails?

A: Thanksgiving nails are all about glitter and colors. Turkey nail art, ombre Acrylic nails, and Fall nails featuring leaves are some of the cutest designs.

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