Complete Wedding Checklist for Bride to Avoid Pre-Wedding Jitters 

Wedding Checklist for Bride

Are you counting the days to open the most exciting chapter of your life with your soulmate? Ever since you’ve said ‘yes’, is the wedding ceremony the only thing on your mind? First, take a moment to express gratitude and appreciate yourself for how far you’ve come. You are about to become someone’s wife in the presence of your family and friends. So, it is natural to feel overwhelmed as you want everything to be perfect. Moreover, planning a wedding is not just about exchanging vows. From dance practices to venue selection to choosing the bridal costume – the to-do list is unending. Jumping into the preparations without a complete wedding checklist for the bride will be sheer madness. So, grab your tea, sit back, and brace yourself to embark on an incredible journey.

Complete the Wedding Checklist For the Bride

Complete-wedding-checklist For Bridal 

The initial stage of wedding planning involves deciding on a date and preparing the guest list. You can let your friends and family members handle some areas. Choosing the caterer and taking care of entertainment preparations are two such aspects. That’s because you need to be free to pay attention to more important details. And a groom’s to-do list is nowhere close to a bride-to-do list before the wedding. 

1. Decide your Budget

Do you want a luxurious wedding in an opulent hotel? Or will you prefer an intimate wedding on your lawn? For bridal jewelry, do you have diamonds or gold in your mind? Having answers to these questions will help you have an estimate of the budget. It’ll be simple to keep aside money for various things like jewelry, videographer, accommodations for guests, catering services, and so on. And fixing the budget is of utmost significance. It will stop you from making unnecessary expenses. 

2. Finalize the Venue 

It’s your wedding, and you can’t let anyone else pick the venue. You have dreamt of this day for years. So, nobody knows better than you where you’d love to get married. Do you want an outdoor setting or a royal wedding in a magnificent villa? Do you want to marry in a filmy style on a private yacht? Whatever dream wedding venue you like, commence scouting for it 10 months in advance. 

3. Shop for the Bridal Attire

Selecting the dress is the most satisfying yet tiring task on every woman’s wedding to-do list. You need something that’ll make you appear like a diva. You should also feel comfortable wearing it. It should match your personality and enhance your best features. Brides travel to different cities to get the perfect wedding gown or lehenga. Hence, start your outfit shopping at least four months before D-day. 

4. Purchase your Jewelry

A wedding planning checklist is incomplete if you are yet to shop for bridal jewelry. Buying jewelry is one of the most crucial tasks, and it won’t be easy. You will require a lot of patience. Explore as many jewelry stores as you want as you’ll get married only once. As jewelry is expensive, you should keep a check on special discounts offered by leading brands. 

5. Contact Videographer and Photographer 

Booking a photographer is one of the main elements of a checklist for the wedding. That person will capture moments you’ll cherish forever. You will frame your wedding day pictures and turn the album pages occasionally. The best shots will help you relive those moments again and again. So, you must find a photographer to click the most beautiful pictures of you and your partner. Don’t forget to discuss whether you’d like a traditional photoshoot or candid photography. 

6. Begin the Pre-Bridal self-care

Roaming in markets, running errands, and making all arrangements for the wedding will steal the glow from your face. Therefore, effective pre-bridal skincare is mandatory. Hair dusting, laser teeth whitening, body polishing, facials, keratin treatment, and bikini wax are popular pre-bridal treatments. So, opt for pre-bridal packages from a famed salon, and you’ll be sorted.

7. Book a well-known Beautician

On your wedding day, all eyes must be glued to you. That explains why you should book your preferred makeup artist at least three months before D-day. Reputed makeup artists are high in demand during the wedding season. So, it will be upsetting if your favorite makeup artist is already booked for the day. Why take chances, right? 

8. Hire a Wedding Planner

Even with a checklist, there’s no denying that planning a wedding that people will remember is a lot of hard work. So, it will be less stressful if you have the assistance of an experienced professional. You can look for a wedding planner near me if you feel overburdened. He will organize everything in advance. So, you can focus solely on your skincare routine, dress, jewelry, makeup, and dream honeymoon. 

9. Plan the Honeymoon

There must be a rejuvenating honeymoon after a grand wedding. Start looking up beautiful destinations. Note that you must make bookings in advance. What is the best time to book hotels and flights for a memorable honeymoon? It is two months before the wedding if you wish to grab cheap deals. With this, you’ll be able to tick off an important thing from your complete wedding checklist for the bride.

10. The Night Before the Wedding 

When the big day finally arrives, you must control the last-min stress and get enough sleep. Eat a simple meal, stay hydrated, and go to bed early. The next day will be an exhausting one. So, you will need sufficient rest to be energetic throughout the day. But what about the bachelorette party? Well, that’s something your girlfriends will be planning!

Parting Thoughts 

Follow this checklist, and all your creative planning and careful preparation will be fruitful. Lastly, don’t forget to take the opinion of your groom in your excitement. It’s his big day as well. So, sit down with your man and share your dream wedding ideas. It is necessary to ensure that you both are on the same page. Remember that the wedding ceremony is to celebrate your love and lifelong commitment. So, you must enjoy every second of the most exciting experience of your life.

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