Winter Skin Care for Brides to Be: Skin Care Tips for Your Winter Wedding

Winter Skin Care for Brides to Be

The pleasant weather makes winter the best time to get married. But when winter arrives, so do skin problems. From frizzy hair to dry skin to chapped lips – there are too many problems that girls need to tackle as the temperature drops. And this winter, you have more reasons to worry as all eyes will be on you on the day of your wedding. What if we told you that with proper care, your skin would look stunning on your big day irrespective of the cold weather? Curious to know more about winter skin care for brides-to-be? Here are some amazing beauty tips for someone awaiting to tie the knot.

Bridal Winter Skin Care Tips

Bridal Winter Skin Care Tips

If you have dry skin, winter can be the biggest enemy of your skin. It will become dry and dull if you do not take winter skincare seriously. And since you are the bride, you cannot afford to leave your skin neglected. So, having a bridal skincare regimen for dry winter weather is essential to make your skin supple and lively once again. Now have a look at these excellent tips given by skincare specialists.

1. Apply lip balm

Flaky and chapped lips on your wedding day are the last thing you want and if you follow some basic tips, you can protect your lips from the harsh weather. The first thing that you need to do is always carry your lip balm. Before going to bed, coat your lips with a thick layer of lip balm and do the same before applying lipstick. You should also avoid biting or licking your lips and that will dry your skin.

2. Moisturize your skin

For celeb-like shine on your wedding day, moisturizing your skin is mandatory. You should moisturize twice: immediately after taking a bath and before going to bed.

Do your hands and legs turn dry even if you use body lotion after showering? Then it is probably because you haven’t purchased the right cold weather bridal skin care products. Such products are designed specifically for winter, and they offer moisturization for long hours. So, pick your products wisely and your skin won’t be rough-looking anymore.

A moisturizing routine for bridal winter skin is incomplete unless you book a pedicure and manicure appointment a few days before the wedding. Manicure and pedicure are done by trained professionals, and you will love how radiant your feet and hands appear. Moreover, a bride always deserves some extra pampering to relax and prepare herself for a new chapter in her life.

3. Order a good facial oil

If moisturizers fail to give the desired outcome, investing in a lightweight facial oil will add more hydration when your skin looks extremely dry. Facial oils are infused with essential oils that are known for their healing properties.

So, these oils are perfect for winter and dermatologists recommend them to every bride struggling with dry skin. The facial oil will protect your skin from several environmental aggressors and for the best results, use it overnight.

4. Don’t wash your face with hot water

One of the natural winter skin remedies for brides is to quit washing the face with hot water. Although applying hot water on the face can be comforting, it will have adverse effects on your skin. The hot water will quickly strip off the natural oils from your skin, thus making it pale and luster-less. Hence, stick to using cold water when you are cleaning your face even if you feel cold.

5. Exfoliate your face, lips, and body

Looking for some amazing pre-wedding winter skin hydration techniques? Exfoliating at least once a week should top your list of things to do. Exfoliation will remove the dead cells and bless you with beautiful skin.

Moreover, achieving healthy skin does not mean you should spend a fortune on expensive products. With ingredients like coffee grounds, lemon and sugar, yogurt, and strawberry, you can easily prepare a homemade scrub that will work like magic. Just make sure you prepare a scrub based on your skin type and scrub gently, especially when you are exfoliating the lips and face.

Lifestyle Changes for a Winter Bride 

Your skin gets exposed to pollution, pathogens, germs, extreme cold and hot temperatures, and the harmful rays of the sun. So, hydrating skin treatments for winter brides should not be limited to applying good creams and lotions. While these are important, your lifestyle plays a key role in determining how healthy your skin will be in the long run. So, take note of these three things if you want youthful-looking skin in all seasons:

1. Get sufficient sleep

The most natural way of combating signs of ageing is by sleeping soundly at night. The production of collagen, which plays the key role in maintaining skin elasticity, takes place at night. So, if your body does not get proper sleep at night, your skin will look more dehydrated in winter (especially if you do not have oily skin).

Fine lines will also become visible under your eyes as the skin in that area is exceptionally thin. So, every bride-to-be should prioritize going to bed on time and sleep peacefully for 7-8 hours.

2.  Drink plenty of water

The wedding season comes with a lot of arrangements for the bride and forgetting to drink water can be a common side effect. However, drinking water frequently in winter can help you keep various skin conditions at bay. Water will make your digestive system eliminate toxins, thus improving your complexion and leaving your skin hydrated. So, make sure you have 2-3 liters of water regularly.

3. Eat nutritious foods

Eating lots of fresh veggies and fruits should be a part of the winter skin care for brides to be. Nutrients like zinc, vitamins C, E, and A, and omega-3 fats reduce skin dryness, treat damage caused by the sun, combat premature ageing of skin, improve skin tones, and increase skin elasticity. So, after your marriage date is fixed, you should consume foods that are loaded with these nutrients.

According to doctors, strawberries, oranges, kimchi, broccoli, shellfish, cherries, watermelon, dark chocolates, green tea, and red grapes are the best friends of your skin.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to flaunt glowing skin on your wedding day. Simply set up a skincare routine that works best for you and stick to it. If you have some skin conditions that require special care, consult an accomplished dermatologist.

Lastly, winter skin care for brides to be can go wrong if you end up using products that do not suit your skin. Hence, if you have sensitive skin, perform a patch test before applying some new product to your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best skin care practices for brides-to-be during winter?

The best winter wedding skin care routine for a winter bride should involve applying a hydrating moisturizer to retain skin elasticity, cleansing properly after applying makeup to prevent breakouts, scrubbing twice a week to remove dead skin cells, and using natural ingredients like aloe vera gel.

Q: How can brides-to-be combat dry skin in the winter before their wedding?

To get rid of dry and dehydrated skin, a bride-to-be should try bathing oils and body butter after showering. It is also important to use creams that can lock in moisture. Additionally, avoid washing face with hot water and drink plenty of water to nourish your skin from the inside.

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