Stylish Wrist Tattoos for Woman: 20 Big & Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas

wrist tattoos for woman

Thinking of getting inked? Whether it is your first tattoo or a new tattoo to celebrate a specific milestone, a wrist tattoo for woman can never go wrong. As opposed to other areas that often remain concealed, the wrist is always visible. So, your wrist tattoo will permanently become a part of your identity and that explains why you should choose it carefully. Need some help selecting the best wrist tattoo that will reflect your personality and glorify your wrist? Then scroll down to find the most stunning wrist tattoos for woman.

Gorgeous Small Wrist Tattoos for Woman

1. Mandala tattoo on wrist

Tattoo Welt Mandala | Wrist tattoo cover up, Inner wrist tattoos, Wrist tattoos for women
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Getting an outer wrist tattoo is a fantastic way of expressing yourself. And what could be a better tattoo design than mandala art? Each time you look at your wrist, the tattoo will have a calming effect on your mind.

2. Flower wrist tattoo

Floral wrist tattoo Flower wrist tattoo Wrist tattoo designs Feminine wrist tattoo | Tatuajes mano y muñeca, Tatuaje de pulsera, Ideas de tatuaje femenino
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A woman’s wrist is meant to be adorned with dainty jewelry and other adornments. A flower wrist tattoo could be a brilliant addition that will make everyone admire your delicate hands.

3. Bird tattoo on wrist

Bird Tattoo on Wrist
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Birds represent freedom and for a free-spirited woman like you, a bird tattoo makes complete sense. It is one of the popular tattoo ideas for woman and you will get plenty of designs online.

4. Bracelet tattoo design

54 Bracelet Tattoos That Are Better Than Jewelry - Our Mindful Life
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If you don’t like wearing metals, why not have a permanent bracelet around the wrist? This kind of tattoo design is apt for a minimalist who values simplicity.

5. Butterfly wrist tattoo

Butterfly wrist tattoos Small butterfly wrist tattoos Butterfly wrist tattoo designs Butterfly … | Wrist tattoos for women, Finger tattoos, Butterfly tattoos on arm
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Butterflies are beautiful creatures. They are symbolic of transformation. So, when you are about to embark on a novel journey and you want a tattoo to commemorate the auspicious event, a butterfly tattoo is something you should consider.

6. Small tattoo featuring concentric triangles

32 Small Wrist Tattoos That Speak Volumes
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Small tattoos can be unimaginably cute, right? Concentric circles are among the modern tattoo designs and this one featuring black, bold, and open triangles that fade into a nice arrow. You can turn this simple tattoo upwards or to any side based on your preference on the direction you want the lines to be facing.

7. Word tattoo for side wrist

69 reference of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Females Words | Side wrist tattoos, Wrist tattoos girls, Wrist tattoos
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In case you are exploring small tattoo ideas, word art tattoos are also highly recommended. Just note that the word you pick must be of importance in your life. It could be one of your core values or something that defines you.

8. Infinity wrist tattoo

25 Finest Infinity Tattoo Designs that will make you believe that love and life are limitless… | Infinity tattoo on wrist, Infinity tattoo designs, Infinity tattoos
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Millennials can’t get over the Infinity wrist tattoo and in the past few years, it has emerged as one of the fascinating wrist tattoo ideas for woman. The best part about this tattoo is that it can feature as a side wrist tattoo or a mid wrist tattoo.

9. Open wings tattoo

TEMPORARY TATTOOWALA Eagle Wings Bird Black and White Design Temporary Waterproof Tattoo For Men and Women
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Open wings are indicative of a bird of flight. Do you feel you are a worshipper of liberty? Then go ahead and get open wings tattooed on your wrist. Whenever you feel that your freedom is being curtailed, the tattoo will inspire you to overcome all obstacles.

10. Single letter ink design

65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos | Initial tattoo, Tattoo lettering, C tattoo
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Are you thinking of paying tribute to your favorite person in the world? It could be anyone like your mother, father, or the love of your life. Then you can acknowledge their presence in your life by inscribing the first letter of their name on your wrist. Just choose a simple font for a neat look.

Some More Meaningful Wrist Tattoos

1. Sunflower wrist tattoo

Micro-realistic sunflower bracelet tattoo on the wrist.
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Sunflowers are lovely and their bright yellow color breathe life into the surroundings. You can invite the same liveliness into your life simply by having this meaningful tattoo on your wrist.

2. Heart tattoo

62 Delicate Wrist Tattoos For Your Upcoming Ink Session | Cool small tattoos, Meaningful wrist tattoos, Wrist tattoos girls
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Have you finally found the person with whom you’d like to settle down? Then a heart tattoo on the wrist is a smart way of letting them know how much they mean to you. For confident, single woman, a heart tattoo can also be about self-love.

3. Olive branch permanent tattoo

Olive You [LINDSAY APRIL] | Olive tattoo, Olive branch tattoo, Wrist tattoos for women
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An olive branch tattoo is so pretty that you can’t take your eyes off it. Need more reasons to get an olive branch tattoo? It is symbolic of peace and so, you will get inner peace when this tattoo becomes a part of your being.

4. Tattoo wrist cuff

70+ Best Wrist Meaningful Tattoos | Small Inspirational Side Wrist Tattoos
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Do you fancy getting a cool tattoo design that will grab people’s attention. Then look no further and get a tattoo resembling a stylish wrist cuff. Trust me, you’d never regret having this.

5. Anchor wrist tattoo

Pin by Kathern Lavallee-Burkett on Tattoo ideas | Anchor tattoo wrist, Anchor tattoos, Small anchor tattoos
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Anchors represent the ocean and for a woman who is a beach person, an anchor tattoo is the one. The meaning of this tattoo is that it will remind you to be grounded and connected to your roots.

6. Feather wrist tattoo

62 Delicate Wrist Tattoos For Your Upcoming Ink Session | Feather tattoo wrist, Meaningful wrist tattoos, Feather tattoos
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Although a common design, feather tattoos are of immense significance. It is connected with great qualities like wisdom, courage, bravery, etc. Moreover, it will look good anywhere and you can get a colorful feather tattoo instead of a black-and-white one.

7. Crown wrist tattoo

Top 77+ crown tattoo on wrist
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Every woman balancing her personal and professional lives like a pro is a queen. And a queen must celebrate her victories. So, whether you got a promotion or delivered a baby – a crown tattoo will be a reminder that you can achieve greatness.

8. Snake wrist tattoo

Wrist Snake Tattoos For Women | Snake tattoo design, Minimalist snake tattoo simple, Tattoos for women
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Many people have the misconception that snake tattoos can mean something negative. But in ancient Egypt, these creatures were revered and considered protectors. They symbolized power and hence, why shouldn’t a powerful woman pick a snake tattoo?

9. Positive affirmation tattoo on the wrist

Mantra Tattoos: Skin-deep Reminders of Self-love
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Are you going through a tough phase in life? Then how can you cheer yourself up? A positive affirmation on your inner wrist is just what you need to feel positive and hopeful.

10. Unique wrist tattoo in cursive font

Wrist Tattoo Ideas
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Script fonts inked with perfection can enhance the beauty of any body part, making it appear more delicate. Just remember that when doing a cursive wrist tattoo, the curl detailing is what will make all the difference.

The Bottom Line

So, which wrist tattoo design are you going to finalize? Is it the star tattoo or the flower tattoo? Whichever you select, just go to an accomplished tattoo artist to ensure that you get the exact design you wanted. You can also get an ankle tattoo later as they are no less classy. So, all the best!

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