How to Get Rid of Back Acne Before Your Wedding and Flaunt Your Flawless Skin

get rid of back acne

Back acne, also termed bacne, is the most unwanted guest that no bride wants on her wedding day. And if you are going to wear a backless gown or a blouse with a deep back, then it is natural to dread back acnes. But that does not mean you should allow back acne to affect your confidence while picking a revealing attire. So, is there a way to have a sexy back without any blemishes on your special day? Thankfully, we have the perfect cure for your back pimples and the stubborn spots they leave. Therefore, without further ado, let’s find out how to get rid of back acne before your wedding and have the most gorgeous skin.

What Can Cause Back Acne in Women?

Before I share the best back acne remedies, it’s crucial to understand why you are having breakouts in the first place. According to dermatologists, there can be many reasons behind body pimples and the most obvious one is stress. As the day of your wedding approaches, you must be nervous, and this is leading to more breakouts.

Additionally, sebum production, hormonal changes, keratin buildup around hair follicles, and bacteria growth contribute to causing bumps on your skin. There are also external factors like dirty bedding, dehydration, poor hygiene, unhealthy eating habits, and tight clothing.

However, do not fret, and I will suggest the most easy-peasy ways to make sure that everyone notices your stunning back on your big day.

Back Acne Treatments: Effective Tips to Treat Back Acne

Too eager to banish bacne? Then here are the top clear skin tips to cure and prevent severe or mild back acne:

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1. Keep your hair clean

If you like to leave your beautiful hair loose, it is always brushing against your skin. When unwashed hair rubs against the back, it irritates the skin. The pores get clogged with oil, bacteria, and dirt from the hair and then you notice different types of back acne. So, try making a ponytail or a bun, especially when your hair is unclean, or you are sweating at the gym to reduce acne outbreaks. Flaky scalp or having dandruff can also result in sebum buildup on the shoulders and back.

2. Don’t use greasy sunscreen

When you wear backless tops, you must be applying a thick layer of sunscreen before stepping out of the house during the daytime. Did you know that your sticky sunscreen is causing acne all over your back? So, if you switch to a water-based, oil-free formula that suits your skin, the breakouts might subside.

3. Wear breezy clothes

Dermatologists are of the opinion that skin fitted dresses can also develop cystic acne on the back. Tight garments prevent the skin from getting sufficient oxygen. As an outcome, all the sweat and dirt particles clog pores and cause cystic acne or some other type of acne. Hence, replace nylon with lightweight and breathable cotton fabric to let your back breathe.

4. Eat nutrient-rich foods

How your skin appears is dependent on your diet to a great extent. The pesky bumps on your back could be due to your food choices. Since you aren’t a fan of body acne, then you have to stop eating junk food as your food is making acne worse.

So, for a month or two before the wedding, resist the temptation of relishing pizzas and burgers. Instead incorporate more minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients into your diet and you will see that your skin has turned smoother and more radiant.

5. Exfoliate occasionally

As your wedding day is near, you must be exfoliating your face regularly to keep facial acne at bay. But do you pay the same kind of attention to your back? Once a week, you must use an exfoliating cleanser and scrub gently with a loofah to eliminate the dead skin cells and blackheads. Then your back will be soft and less prone to developing acne.

6. Avoid popping the pimples

Wedding day skincare is all about achieving glowing, celeb-like skin and hence, you must not pop the zits. Squeezing pimples often leads to unsightly marks and infections. Then the marks take longer to fade. Therefore, the only thing you can do is stick to the topical treatment prescribed by your dermatologist.

7. Use a vitamin C serum

If you apply a vitamin C serum every day, it can drastically brighten up your skin and make dark spots less visible. As vitamin C has antioxidant properties, it can be used to remove the scars left by acne.

8. Visit your dermatologist

If your acne is severe, the home remedies I recommended might not treat acne entirely. In that case, booking an appointment with a certified and accomplished dermatologist will help you get rid of acne and acne scarring from your upper back. The doctor will examine the condition and prescribe proper acne medication containing healing ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for back acne removal.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I’d like to remind you that acnes are normal, and you look gorgeous even with your back acne. But since you’re going to have a grand wedding ceremony, it is natural to have specific skincare goals and have an urge to look the best.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips to bid adieu to acne spots and you should also set up a wedding skincare routine to address other skin concerns like tanning, dark circles, dullness, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to quickly get rid of back acne before my wedding?

If you are about to tie the knot after a few weeks and you want clear back skin, keeping your back clean, wearing cotton outfits, and using a salicylic acid-based cleanser are some tried-and-tested bridal back acne solutions.

How can I prevent back acne flare-ups leading up to my wedding day?

Forget rid of back acne before your wedding, exfoliate the skin one a week, take a bath after sweating, rely on topical treatments, and drink plenty of water.

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