Barbie Pink Nail Manicure and Other Barbie Summer Nails Designs to Sparkle Like a Diva

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If you live in your own Barbie world, then summer break is all about watching Netflix in your pink pajamas and cuddling your pet. To really feel like a Barbie, you should also opt for Barbie summer nails that are super cute and trendy.

If you’re intrigued to know how you can get Barbie nails at home without spending money at a salon, I’ve got you covered! Here you will find the most attractive DIY pink nail trends that are bound to make you feel like the queen of your world.

Must-Try Pinterest-Inspired Barbie Nail Art Ideas

The internet has launched a pink revolution to celebrate the most famous movie of 2023: Barbie. Be it apparel, heels, lipstick, or eyeshadows – pink is the dominant color everywhere. And how can you forget the nails, a key element of your overall look?

So, from the timeless French manicure to a pink twist to dazzling glitter accents – here you will find the best manicure ideas inspired by the Barbie movie.

1. Milk Bath Mani

59 Barbie Nail Design Ideas to Make You *Sparkle*
Image Source: Live That Glow

A simple and sheer manicure never ceases to grab people’s attention and so, a career-oriented woman like you needs a milk bath mani to feel stylish. Need more reasons to opt for this Barbie nail design? Margot Robbie popularized this nail trend during Barbie‘s premiere in London.

2. Swirly Gel Nails

11 Pink Swirl Nail Ideas to Spin Into Summer
Image Source: Byrdie

Swirly nails are among Barbie’s favorites and if you think you need the help of a nail artist for such designs, you are mistaken. You will find many videos on YouTube showing how to add drops of different shades of pink nail paint into water, swirl them together, and dip the nail into multi-colored mixture.

3. Floral Nail Polish

Give Your Nails a Sweet Spring Look with 60 Pink Nail Ideas! | Pink flower nails, Cute pink nails, Floral nails
Image Source: Pinterest

Floral designs are so aesthetic that they are perfect for any occasion. And as you are a Barbie, apply a base coat of white and let it dry. Then do floral designs with a deep pink shade. And just like that, you have created the most stunning beach-ready manicure!

4. Summer Glitter Nails

Summer Nail Designs You'll Probably Want To Wear : Pink Barbie with Glitter Tips
Image Source: Fab Mood

Glitter nails are mandatory for a girls’ night out this summer. So, once you have finalized the sexy dress you’ll be wearing, use a glittery pink nail polish to make your nails compliment your outfit. For the most gorgeous glitter nails. you can experiment with neon nail colors.

5. Pastel Pink

Barbie nails hot pink summer nails spring nails | Gel nails, Pink nails, Summery nails
Image Source: Pinterest

Whether it is Winter or Summer – pastel nail art is appreciated in every season as it isn’t too loud. It is a smart way of adding a pop of color without attracting too much attention. You can effortlessly create chic designs with pastel pink nail paint by watching step-by-step tutorials.

6. Barbie-Inspired Peachy Nails

Barbie Nail Art Guide: Make Your Fingertips Shine in the Summer Sun – NOUMAY LIMITED
Image Source: BettyCora

Other than pink, peach and beige are two beautiful colors that often feature on Barbie’s nails. Hence, if you want a soft glam look for a special event, a summery peach mani with peach-toned makeup will make you look like a princess.

7. Gold Chrome Nails

The Vanilla Chrome Manicure Is Summer's Hottest Nail Trend | Vogue
Image Source: Vogue

Want Instagram-worthy nails that everyone will talk about? Then give your nails a gold Chrome makeover. Remember that this will look best if your nails are long and always apply 2-3 layers of the nail polish for a 3D effect.

Some More Barbie Pink Nail Designs

Barbie is a woman who wears bright-colored outfits and vibrant nail polish with confidence. So, here are some nail art suggestions to make you feel like the Barbie of your dreams:

1. Round Hot Pink Nails

45+ Trendy Barbie Pink Nails to Embrace Your Inner Diva | Cute gel nails, Barbie pink nails, Nail art
Image Source: Pinterest

Who says all Barbies have long nails? If you like to keep your nails short, you can still look fabulous by trimming the edges in round shapes and applying hot pink nail polish. Applying nail gel is a must to achieve a shiny effect and keep the nail paint intact for at least a week.

2. Elegant Almond Nails

The Best Colors For Almond Shaped Nails - Society19 | Round nails, Almond nails, Short acrylic nails
Image Source: Pinterest

Who says Barbie only prefers one shade and that’s pink? Some days, she also feels like showing off her almond nails. The best thing about almond nails is that they are extremely chic. So, these nails are perfect when you are going to work.

3. Pink Glitter

20 Barbiecore Nail Ideas Perfect for the Dreamhouse
Image Source: Byrdie

Glittery nails are so sexy that they can never go out of fashion. Busy women adore this kind of nail art as it can be created within minutes and looks extremely graceful. So, if you’ve never had pink glitter nails before, trust me and get these springnails at least once.

4. Alluring Red Hot Hue

40 Red Nail Ideas And Designs To Wear All Year Long, 42% OFF
Image Source: Jet Support Services

Red has always been the color of love and so, how can Barbie not be a fan of this shade? You can create a vintage look with red nails, halter-style pink frock, and huge sunglasses. Isn’t this the most adorable look for a Beach vacation?

5. Nude Barbie Nails Manicure

18 Pink Summer Nail Ideas Hotter Than The Rising Temps | LoveToKnow
Image Source: LoveToKnow

If subtle Barbiecore fashion is your thing, ditch the deep pink nails and pick a nude shade. If Margot Robbie, our favorite Barbie was seen flaunting her nude nails, so should you!

6. Pink French Tips

Barbie Pink French Tip Nails | Pink tip nails, Ombre chrome nails, Pink chrome nails
Image Source: Pinterest

French tips are so eye-soothing that your bae won’t be able to stop kissing your pretty hands. And as you want it to be Barbie-themed, apply light pink nail paint all over the nails and then do the tips with a darker shade of pink. Lastly, don’t forget to apply a thick coat of nail gel to make the nail art last longer.

7. Light Pink Nails with Red Hearts

Small Heart Nails Pictures, Photos, And Images For, 60% OFF
Image Source: Ocean Property

Barbie is the most romantic woman on earth. If you too love your boyfriend dearly, glam up the usual pink Barbie nails by drawing a tiny red heart at the center of each nail. This will instantly let your lover know you were thinking about him.

The Takeaway

That was all about Barbie summer nails ideas that are trending at the moment. In the end, I’d like to remind you that you should never hesitate in choosing something that makes you happy – be it a short dress that your partner doesn’t approve or seasonal nail designs that your sister thinks is too loud.

Only you should get to select your clothing, jewelry, accessories, and makeup. So, don’t let other people’s opinions dampen the spirits of the Barbie in you. Live freely! Stay beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top trends for Barbie summer nails this season?

Coffin nails, Barbie French nails, hot Barbie pink nails, pink Chrome nails, baby pink stiletto nails, and pearl bow nails are some fabulous nail goals for this summer.

Q. How can you achieve a Barbie-inspired summer nail look at home?

For beginners to achieve flawless Barbie pink manicure like the ones done by celebrity nail artists, Barbie nail stickers can come to the rescue. Just apply pink nail paint, attach the stickers with glue, and complete the look with a gel polish.

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