Modern Maharashtrian Look in Saree: How to Recreate the Marathi or Maharashtrian Bridal Look in Sarees

modern maharashtrian look in saree

The charm of a Maharashtrian woman draped in a saree is hard to ignore. With her traditional jewelry and paithani saree – a Maharashtrian girl can bewitch anyone. However, the saree draping styles have evolved over time in all parts of India, and Maharashtra is no exception. So, how does a modern Maharashtrian look in saree?

Whether you want to become a stunning Maharashtrian bride or wear your saree like a Maharashtrian on some special occasion – we’ve got you covered. We will share with you all the saree draping tricks and tips that today’s women in Maharashtra follow when they wear a traditional saree.

How to Wear a Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree?

modern maharashtrian look in saree
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Of all the Maharashtrian saree draping styles, the Nauvari Saree or Kashta Sari is the most popular one. It is a traditional style of wearing sarees that originated in Maharashtra. The women belonging to the Marathi community commonly wear Nauvari sarees during the festive season. So, what is the key feature of this gorgeous drape and how can you wear it like a Marathi lady?

First, you have to tuck a Nauvari saree into the petticost or waistband at your back and then wrap it around your legs. This way, the saree will have a lungi-like appearance. After that, drape the saree over your left shoulder and the other end of it is supposed to cover your head. When you are making drape pleats, they should be of 5-6 inches. Try to make 6-7 pleats as it will enhance the allure of your lower body. Learning how to make pleats like an expert will take some time as the pleats should be even and neither too tight nor too loose.

You can order a saree with an embellished ‘pallu’ which often has elaborate decorations of traditional ornaments. While Gujarati women let the pallu fall over the left shoulder in the front and cover the chest, Maharashtrians prefer it to cover the head.

How Long is a Maharashtrian Saree?

Modern Maharashtrian Look in Saree
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If you want to look mesmerizing in a Nauvaree/ Lavani saree, the saree you pick needs to be of 9 yards. Although the standard length of sarees worn by other communities is 5.5 meters, Nauvari sarees are 8-9 meters in length. So, make sure you get a light-weight Maharashtrian saree which is at least 8 meters long.

How to Choose a Nauvari Saree?

Now that you have learned what Maharashtrian brides wear, does this mean you can buy any  Nauvari saree? Selecting the right kind of nauvari saree is the key to becoming a gorgeous modern day Maharashtrian bride.

As there are various types of Maharashtrian sarees, you should consider several factors such as length, color, design, fabric, and length. As far as the fabric is concerned, silk and chiffon are the best options for a Marathi wedding taking place in Summer. These two are also two easy drape Maharashtrian sarees.

Where Can You Wear a Nauvari Saree?

Nauvari sarees are so aesthetic that they can be a fantastic choice for all kinds of formal and informal occasions. Be it Diwali celebrations at your office or a family member’s wedding – this saree will always enhance your beauty. Women of all age groups can wear it comfortably. Simply learn some modern saree draping techniques to style it your way.

The best part about this the Kashta saree is its dhoti-type draping style, which allows excellent freedom of movements. So, a lady with an active lifestyle is bound to fall in love with the casual Maharashtrain saree styles. Moreover, Maharashtrian sarees are so versatile that you can dress up depending on the event.

What Type of Blouse to Wear with a Maharashtrian Saree?

To make your sarees stand out, you will also need trendy Maharashtrian saree blouses. Choosing a matching blouse is important to complete the look. The three things you should keep in mind before finalizing a blouse are fabric, design, and color.

Generally, Lavani sarees are worn in a kachha style, meaning that the cloth will be tucked in between your legs. Hence, someone who’s adept at wearing sarees will recommend you select a blouse that fits well. It also should not be bulky in the waist area. The design of the blouse can be heavily embellished or plain based on the occasion and your personal preference.

Completing a Modern Maharashtrian Look in Saree

Modern Maharashtrian Look in Saree
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Whether you wear a red Banarasi saree or a green Nauvari saree, you should also select your bridal jewellery carefully to make an impact. Traditional Maharashtrian accessories like bangles and nath can never go out of style.

Kohlapuri saaj, featuring bindi and a nose ring, will make the attire look livelier. When buying jewellery, make sure it complements your saree instead of overpowering it. If chosen wisely, the jewellery items will brings out your personality.

Wrapping Up

So, when you are thinking of switching to your ‘desi’ avatar, nothing can beat the grace and elegance of a modern Maharashtrian look in saree. And even if it appears to be a difficult task, wearing a Lavani saree is simple when you follow the above-mentioned steps. With some patience and regular practice, you can imitate the trending Maharashtrian saree draping styles like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What defines a modern Maharashtrian look in a saree?

To become a modern Marathi bride or create a sassy look in a Nauvari saree, you have to wear the saree like a dhoti. Two of the latest Maharashtrian wedding saree trends are the Peshwai style Nauvari saree and the Brahmani style of draping a Nauvari saree.

Q. How to style a saree in a modern Maharashtrian way?

To style a saree in a modern Maharashtrian way on your wedding day or some other auspicious occasion, choose a breathable silk saree and a fashionable blouse. You can wear it with classy ornaments like a bracelet instead of a gold bangle and team it with a fancy nath and diamond stud earrings.

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