Sleeveless Blouse Design Trends in 2023 for Bridal Saree & Lehenga

Sleeveless Blouse Design

If you want to be the sexiest bride, you must customize your bridal wardrobe accordingly. And what can be more alluring than a blouse that highlights your flawless arms? There is such an impressive variety of sleeveless blouse designs that every bride can find the best blouse for herself. So, I have curated a list of the most stunning sleeveless blouse design ideas for a choosy bride like you.

Stylish Designer Sleeveless Blouse for Women for an Indian Wedding

What is the sexiest trend in blouse designs for sarees and lehengas? Without any confusion, we would all agree that sleeveless blouse patterns are so classy that they are perfect for any occasion.

From cotton sarees to embellished lehengas – sleeveless blouses can enhance the beauty of any outfit. So, as a fashion designer, these are my top suggestions for all the pretty brides out there:

Floral Blouse, Embroidered Blouse, Boat Neck Sleeveless Blouse for Lehenga and Sarees

  1. Neon-green blouse with a sweetheart neckline

Sleeveless Blouse Design
Image Source: Suta

Wondering how to provide a contemporary touch to a desi attire? A saree blouse with a sweetheart neckline will do the trick. Moreover, neon green is such a vibrant shade that it is a must-have for day functions.

  1. Boat neck blouse in peach colour

Sleeveless Blouse Design
Image Source: Myntra

A boat-neck blouse is a must-have sleeveless blouse in every woman’s wardrobe. And when you choose a soothing shade like peach, heads are bound to turn. The blouse will be ideal for casual gatherings when you don’t want to appear over-dressed.

  1. Sleeveless blouse with one shoulder

Sleeveless Blouse Design
Image Source: Etsy

How can you look effortlessly chic in a lehenga? A one-shoulder blouse without sleeves is what you need to entice your groom. You can consider this for your mehendi or haldi and let the blouse showcase your shoulders and arms in the most flattering manner.

  1. Collared sleeveless blouse

Collared sleeveless blouse
Image Source: Ajio

A collared blouse is a classic office sleeveless blouse that’s modish and comfortable at the same time. Get a few collared blouses with and without sleeves to wear with all your cotton sarees.

  1. Sleeveless blouse with embroidery work

Sleeveless blouse with embroidery work
Image Source: KALKI Fashion

A heavy-work saree needs a blouse with embroidery work. This latest sleeveless blouse design will serve as a suitable dress for a traditional Indian bride.

  1. V neck blouse

 V neck blouse
Image Source: Pinterest

A sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline is a casual sleeveless blouse designed to awaken your bold avatar. There’s no doubt that you will look exemplary – whether it is your wedding or someone else’s.

  1. Jacket-style blouse

    Jacket-style blouse
    Image Source: Aza Fashions

A jacket-style blouse is one of the latest formal sleeveless blouse designs that will easily give a Western twist to any simple Indian outfit. It can feature buttons like your traditional jackets and go with a silk saree.

  1. Sleeveless ruffle blouse

    Sleeveless ruffle blouse
    Image Source: Tikli

What are your thoughts on pairing a ruffle blouse with a Banarasi saree? It is a wonderful combination that will make you look unique.

  1. Halter neck blouse with a net saree

    Halter neck blouse with a net saree
    Image Source: PrettyLittleThing


The millennial woman does not shy away from experimenting with uncommon and new trends. So, you won’t regret buying a Hollywood-styled black blouse that you can seamlessly team with various kinds of sarees.

  1. Fringe detail on a bralette

Image Source: Pinterest

Bralettes have become a rage among fashionable ladies and an off-white sequinned bralette is one of a kind. You can even get a gorgeous blouse in the shade ivory as it looks equally royal.

Lace Sleeveless Blouse & Some Other Popular Sleeveless Blouse Design Ideas for Party Wear

  1. Backless and sleeveless lehenga blouse

    Backless and sleeveless lehenga blouse
    Image Source: Pinterest

A silk fabric blouse in pink color is a casual sleeveless blouse design that will give you the exquisite look you desire. The blouse will blend well with a floral skirt or a lehenga.

  1. Designer blouse with detailing on the back side

    Designer blouse with detailing on the back side
    Image: house blouse

A simple sleeveless blouse with an intricate back design is irresistibly cute. It will draw everyone’s attention to your alluring figure. The low neck of the blouse will keep you cool on hot summer days.

  1. Lace sleeveless blouse in black color 

    Lace sleeveless blouse in black color 
    Image source: Ritz Fashion Trendz

A floral lace blouse has such a feminine charm that both brides and bridesmaids can wear it. You should go for something in a bright red share for a timeless elegance. The floral detailing will give a definition to your overall appearance.

  1. Chiffon blouse with no sleeves

    Chiffon blouse with no sleeves 
    Image source: Lashkaraa

A chiffon sleeveless blouse is yet another awesome style that is ideal for parties and festive occasions. You will look ravishing when you wear this stylish blouse with light-weight chiffon saree or lehenga.

  1. Cropped top style sleeveless blouse

Cropped top style sleeveless blouse
Image Source: WeddingWire

As cropped tops are every woman’s favourite, you will find many women styling a cropped top as a blouse. Moreover, it is a summer sleeveless blouse that will have a simple round neck and breathable fabric.

  1. Velvet sleeveless blouse

Velvet sleeveless blouse
Image Source: Nykaafashion

A velvet bralette-style blouse is one such designer sleeveless blouse that will win your heart and look mesmerizing with a georgette saree. Velvet blouses are wonderful as they allow you to play with the length as per your comfort level.

  1. Golden blouse with a keyhole black

    Golden blouse with a keyhole black
    Image Source: Fabcurate

A golden blouse is so regal that it enlivens any drab outfit. Imagine putting on a vintage golden blouse interspersed with pearls and sequins. A keyhole back and a sheer dupatta will compete the look.

  1. Sleeveless blouse with pearl chains

Sleeveless blouse with pearl chains
Image source: Escape Authority

A statement blouse with pearl chains all over the back is a sleeveless saree blouse with an oomph factor. The expensive pearls will make the blouse worthy of a ravishing bride.

Style Guide on Selecting a Blouse as Per the Latest Trends

Your blouse can amplify or spoil your look. The right blouse will make your saree more appealing and complement your figure. So, here are some expert tips to simplify your quest for a blouse that will add an elegant touch to your outfit:

  1. If you have a petite figure, a deep-neck sleeveless blouse will make you appear taller.
  2. For a lady with a fuller figure, a high-neck blouse featuring long sleeves will be a fantastic choice.
  3. You must opt for a blouse fabric that matches the fabric of your lehenga or blouse.
  4. To create a style statement, always wear sleeveless blouse patterns befitting the event you’ll attend.
  5. When giving a modern touch to your attire, don’t compromise on comfort.
  6. Once you are happy with the trendy sleeveless blouse you have bought, accentuate your look with proper accessories like clutch, footwear, belt, and jewelry.
Parting Thoughts

So, which sleeveless blouse style from my compiled list did you like the best? Also, who says you must pick any one sleeveless blouse design when there are such gorgeous readymade blouse designs? So, this wedding season shop as many blouses as you wish to celebrate the fashionista in you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How to choose the right sleeveless blouse design for my body type?

Whatever your body type – feel free to pick any blouse design you like. Just make sure your blouses are not too tight. A well-fitted sleeveless blouse or designer blouse with sleeves looks good on all women if they can flaunt it with confidence.

Q. What are the trending sleeveless blouse designs in 2023?

Sleeveless blouse with collar, ruffle blouse, high neck blouse, brocade pattern, sleeveless blouse with a v neckline, and boatneck blouse without sleeves are some trendy blouses for lehengas and sarees in 2023.

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