How to Nail the Captivating Traditional Bengali Bridal Look

traditional bengali bridal look

India is known for its diversity. Every region of the vibrant country has a unique bridal look. Each bridal look has its history, beauty, traditional quirks, and flamboyance. For instance, a lovely Bengali bride is unimaginable without a banarasi saree. Today, we will cover everything about a traditional Bengali bridal look. So, stay tuned if you are soon to tie the knot in a traditional Bengal-styled wedding. 

Unveiling a traditional Bengali bridal look: what to wear?

A Bengali bride stands out for her red banarasi sari, the must-have Bengali wedding attire. The charming detailing of the banarasi saree adds to the charm of the bride. The white topor and intricately designed jewelry accent the striking red dress. Whatever the wedding day rituals, the pictures will be perfect because of the radiant attire.

For the Haldi ceremony, a Bengali bride wears a gorgeous yellow saree with magnificent detail. These days, yellow lehengas are becoming popular among modern Bengali brides. Floral ornaments go well with the Haldi outfit. 

Can a Bengali bride opt for a lehenga during the wedding ceremony? 

The aura of a Bengali bride in her banarasi saree and sindoor is heavenly. A gold and red banarasi drape is a bride’s sartorial choice. But this does not mean you have to stick to the norm. Feel free to upgrade your wedding day look with a red lehenga having embroidery work. Make the attire stylish with a dupatta in a banarasi brocade. 

What types of accessories does a Bengali bride prefer? 

A Bengali bride flaunts a host of flattering accessories with her signature red saree. Each of these jewelry pieces has its history and cultural significance. Scroll down to get a glimpse of the accessories that make a Bengali bride shine bright.  

1. Topor – a bride’s crown 

Topor – a bride’s crown

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Topor is a crown in pure white worn by a Bengali bride and a groom. It signifies auspicious moments and new beginnings. It is made of shola or white cork, which has a subtle flamboyance. The bride appears for the rituals crowned in her topor. A translucent veil hangs from the topor. 

2. Mukut headpiece or tiara 

Mukut headpiece or tiara


The crowning glory of a Bengali bride is her mukut headpiece or a golden tiara. It adds a regal and sophisticated touch to the bridal outfit. This gleaming accessory is an excellent wearable option even when you aren’t a bride anymore. You can wear it with your banarasi when you attend the weddings of family and friends. 

3. Matha Patti and Tikli – forehead adornments 

Matha Patti and Tikli – forehead adornments


Matha patti and tikli are traditional ornaments quintessential to a bride. The tikli plays a key role in keeping the dupatta in place. It is also necessary to frame the sharpen the facial features. You can wear these in layers or as a statement piece. 

4. Kaan Bala, Jhumko, and Kaan Pasha – ear jewelries

Kaan Bala, Jhumko, and Kaan Pasha – ear jewelries

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How can a bride be ready to exchange wedding vows without putting on her best earrings? Ear adornments form a vital part of the bridal look all over India. Bengali brides have been wearing kaan balas for hundreds of years. It resembles the shape of the curvature of a person’s ear. 

Kaan pasha is a gold stud with detailed embossing and traditional motifs. Lastly, the jhumko (called Jhumka by North Indians) remains the crowd’s fave. Its dangling nature makes the bride dazzle like a star. 

5. Nolok – the Bengali nath 

Traditional Bengali Bridal Look

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A Nath or nolok exudes elegance like nothing else. It is a nose accessory that goes up to the ear. It transforms a woman’s face and makes her look like a goddess. 

6. Bala and Chur – the statement bangles 

Traditional Bengali Bridal Look

A Bengali bride has an abundance of bangles. Chur is a broad and thick single-piece gold bangle. A mother passes down this kind of conventional jewelry to her daughter. The antique embossing on the bangle reflects the rich culture of Bengal. Kada is a thick cuff and it usually comes in pairs. 

7. Loha, Shankha, and Pola 

Traditional Bengali Bridal Look

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These auspicious wedding bangles are mandatory for a Bengali bride. The wedding rituals cannot begin without loha, pola, and shankha. Shankha is white and pola is red. 

8. Chic and Saath Noli Haar 

Traditional Bengali Bridal Look


Chic is a sophisticated choker and Saath Noli Haar is a layered neckpiece. These two are heritage heirlooms in every Bengali family.

9. Alta: a symbol of domestic bliss and prosperity



As a Bong bride, Alta will feature on your feet and hands. You can download a simple Alta design from the internet. Make sure you wear traditional footwear

Bindi designs for Bengali brides

Bindi designs for Bengali brides

The decorous bindi drawn with Chandan and Kumkum enhances the appeal of a Bengali bride. It represents tranquility and peace in matrimony. The dotted line and the paisley waves are the two bindi designs for modern brides.

What kind of hairstyle and makeup does a Bengali bride wear? 

Various kinds of Bengali bridal hairstyles exist. Whether you let the hair loose or tie a bun, a central parting is compulsory. That’s because the vermilion looks best when applied on the center. It will also hold the tikli and the mukut. 

Heavy gold jewelry adorns the neck, hands, and ears of a Bengali bride. So, Bengali brides generally do minimalistic makeup on their special day. Weddings in Bengal take place at night. The Bengali bride makeup features glittery and bronzy eyes, long eyelashes, and red lips. 

The Takeaway

We hope you enjoyed our lowdown of Bengali wedding attire, jewelry, and overall look. Stunning and striking, a bride from Bengal looks no less mesmerizing than a Bollywood heroine. So, start shopping for your Bengali bridal trousseau early to ensure you have everything from your Shankha-Pola to the topor. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the essential elements of a traditional Bengali bridal look?

A: The key elements of a Bengali bridal look are Red Banarasi Sari, ethnic footwear, and accessories like topor, loha, pola, shankha, nolok, tikli, and kaan pasha. 

Q. How does Bengali bridal attire differ from other Indian bridal looks?

A: The red saree with heavy embroidery work (preferably a Banarasi saree) is what makes a Bengali bride look different from brides from other parts of India.

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