Hand and Feet Care Routine to Keep Your Hands and Feet Soft and Glowing

hand and feet care routine

While we all apply face wash and cream on our face regularly, we often end up neglecting our hands and feet. That explains why many women with gorgeous bodies and hair have cracked heels and unattractive hands. If your feet or hands are unappealing, they will negatively impact your overall appearance and create a negative impression. So, if you haven’t been taking care of your hands and feet so far, it is high time you start doing that. And when it comes to setting up a hand and feet care routine, you neither have to consult a dermatologist nor spend a lot of money on expensive products.

Intrigued to know how you can have younger-looking feet and hands that your partner won’t be able to stop kissing. You only need to follow some simple steps and that’s what this article is all about.

Tips to follow to have a hand and skincare routine

hand and feet care routine

Your body’s hardest working parts are your feet and hands. So, regular skin care for hands and feet will keep them supple and attractive.

1. Keep them clean 

Clogged pores will make your skin appear darker. If your heels get cracked with the arrival of the cold season, accumulation of dirt can worsen the problem. So, wash your hands and feet when you return home and for this, fancy cleansers won’t be necessary. However, this is the first step in any selfcare routine, and you cannot afford to skip it.

So, just take some mild soap, rub gently, and rinse thoroughly to prep up your skin for the application of lotion. When you use a handwash after working in the garden or coming from the outside, take a skin-friendly natural handwashing agent.

2. Moisturize everyday 

The next major step is moisturizing, and this too cannot be skipped. Cold wind, environmental pollution, and dry air end up drying the feet and hands more than other body parts. So, apply moisturizer to tackle problems like tight and itchy skin on hands and cracked, painful heels.

People with oily skin have the misconception that applying moisturizer or oil makes their skin greasy and sweaty. The truth is that you have been using the wrong moisturizing hand creams that are manufactured mainly for dry skin.

For your oily skin, you should opt for a water-based moisturizer containing aloe vera gel. On the contrary, people with dry skin get the maximum benefits from oil-based moisturizers that provide deep nourishment and have ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, etc. If you have aging skin, you should look for hand creams with anti-aging properties to boost the production of collagen.

Pro tip: The best time to apply body lotion is right after you shower and the skin is slightly moist.

3. Exfoliate twice a week  

Just like your face, exfoliation is crucial for your hands and feet as well. The dry and rough patches that you notice near your knuckles and ankles are signs that you haven’t exfoliated for a long time. Now that we’ve told you about its significance, you can use simple ingredients like lemon, salt, sugar, etc. that are already available in your kitchen. If you don’t have time for all that, store-bought exfoliating foot scrubs will get rid of all the dead skin cells, thus making your skin feel instantly soft.

However, there are two things you should keep in mind about exfoliating. As your skin becomes sensitive afterwards, you should rub some body oil or lotion after patting it dry. Also, refrain from doing it too often as that might irritate the gentle skin on your hands and feet.

4. Wear gloves and socks 

If you keep your feet and hands covered, the skin won’t become rough and dry. They will also remain protected against cold wind and the UV rays. This is among the simplest feet and hands protection tipsthat most people overlook but the advantages are many. You also won’t have cracked heels if you wear socks made of soft fabric when you go out.

If your skin dries out too much, you can also install a humidifier in your bedroom. Just make sure you clean it once a while to stop bacteria or mold from growing.

5. Soak hands and feet in warm water 

If you naturally have dry skin, one of the daily skincare tips for handsand feet is to keep them soaked in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. Studies have proved that this technique loosens up dead cells, thus making it easy for you to remove them. After that, you can take a loofah, squeeze out some bodywash, and rub to slough off those stubborn dead skin cells.

According to skin specialists, this practice gives relief from the symptoms of Plantar fasciitis, alleviates soreness, promotes relaxation, and eliminates muscle fatigue.

Note: Warm water does not mean hot water as hot water can have adverse effects like making the skin excessively dry. It can also cause burning if the water’s temperature is too high.

6. Heal cracked heels and calluses 

Calluses are hardened areas that develop due to repeated pressure or rubbing, and they must not be left untreated. Commonly noticeable on the heels, calluses are darker, rougher, and dryer than the skin around them. There are many effective callus prevention techniqueslike applying gel or callus pads and using a pumice stone while bathing.

Cracked heels are equally unsightly and they can even cause pain. To heal them, you can rely on a heel cream or balm meant for feet and you have to keep applying it repeatedly. If the problem does not seem to improve with home treatment, you should see a podiatrist for further evaluation.

7. Invest in supportive shoes 

Has it ever occurred to you that your feet are subjected to a lot of abuse on a daily basis? They carry the weight of your entire body and therefore, the shoes you wear can offer then some support. This becomes more important for women who have high arches or flat feet as both conditions can lead to issues like Plantar Fasciitis. So, buying pedicure essentialswon’t suffice unless you stop wearing those high heels every day.

Not sure what type of footwear will be best for you? You can research online or take recommendations from the salesperson at the shoe store in your locality. When selecting shoes, what you should prioritize is your comfort. If your feet feel good, they will naturally look better.

9. Use de-tanning masks 

Whether you are driving or taking a stroll, it is impossible to wear hand gloves and socks all the time. Moreover, you love wearing sandals that draw people’s attention to the vibrant nail paints you apply. So, your feet and hands also get more tanned than the rest of you. Hydrating foot masksand other de-tanning solutions do a great job of removing all the dark patches. These become even more necessary when you are back from a beach trip.

10. Maintain your nails 

Hand or feet care is incomplete unless your nails are healthy, neat, and pretty. Your nails can elevate the beauty of your legs/ hands or make them look dirty. So, here are some nourishing nail caretips:

Keep your toenails and fingernails filed and trimmed and you must also clean the area under them whenever you wash your hands. This will not just prevent the nails from growing excessively thick and long but also stop the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. For celeb-like nails, you can learn manicure techniquesfrom YouTube.

Prevention is better than cure!

Body care is a choice and if you can prevent problems from arising in the first place, you won’t have to look for solutions to cracked heels, dry skin, etc. Moreover, you will be blessed with hands and feet looking fabulous.

Parting Thoughts 

So, now you know that looking after your hands and feet isn’t that difficult if you stick to a routine. And once you start getting compliments from all for your beauty, you will enjoy pampering yourself even more. In case you have some skin infection or a condition that requires medical attention, the above-mentioned soft skin solutions for feetand hands might not be effective. Then you must book an appointment with a dermatologist for early diagnosis of your skin condition and proper treatment.

Q. What are the essential steps in a daily hand and feet care routine?

Daily skincare for hands and feet should include cleaning with shower gel, massaging nourishing hand cream, and applying foot cream before going to bed. If it’s winter, you should also wear gloves and socks before going out.

Q. How can I maintain healthy nails and soft skin on my hands and feet?

Drink plenty of water, exfoliate occasionally, and use a hydrating body lotion that locks in moisture to have soft skin on feet and hands. To keep your nails strong and beautiful, keep them clean, trim them regularly, put on gloves when washing dishes, and have nutrient-rich foods.

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