How to Get Korean Glass Skin Naturally at Home: Best Home Remedies

Korean Glass Skin

Korean women are known for their glowing skin and people around the globe are fascinated with their timeless beauty. For decades, they have managed to keep their skincare guidebook a secret, but not anymore. What if we told you that you too can have lustrous and even-toned skin like Korean ladies? Intrigued to know how to get Korean glass skin naturally at home? We are here to help you achieve glass skin by using natural remedies.

Glass Skin: What Is It?

Before learning the Korean beauty secrets to get glass skin naturally, it’s important to understand the meaning of glass skin. It is skin that appears crystal-clear, plump, and translucent. This type of skin is luminous and flawless, resembling a piece of glass due to its clarity.

Tips on How to Get Korean Glass Skin Naturally at Home
Korean Glass Skin

If you like watching K-Dramas, you must have noticed that Korean girls have remarkably spotless and luminous skin. Their goddess-like porcelain skin can make any woman jealous. So, is their youthful appearance a blessing from God or do they drink from some magical beauty fountain? The truth is that these women stick to their Korean skincare routine and rely on some tried and tested methods to achieve glass skin naturally. So, have a look at these beauty tips to have clear glass skin:

1. Start using fermented rice water

Korean skincare acknowledges toning as a mandatory step. Since ancient times, water-rich ingredients like cucumber, watermelon, and tomatoes have been a part of their natural skincare routine. All these are excellent toners that can give bright skin tone and make the pores less visible.

An amazing face mist that you can easily prepare at home is fermented rice water. It is a magic potion that will boost your skin’s collagen production and increase its elasticity.

2. Exfoliate occasionally

When it comes to exfoliating their skin, a lot of women tend to skip this step. It Is crucial to keep your skin clean and you must know the right way of doing it. Korean beauties scrub their faces with a damp cloth dipped in lukewarm water. It will instantly pull out grime, dust, and dirt from your skin like a magnet.

3. Moisturize properly

Vitamin C is one of the top glass skin ingredients that you will find in a range of products. Make it your skin’s best friend and most of your skin-related concerns will disappear. You can use Vitamin C serums, face washes and moisturizers twice daily for having extremely hydrated and clear skin.

4. Say yes to a steam session

To get glass skin at home, you should also opt for steamy showers. Very few women are aware of the benefits of steam baths. Steam can open pores, eliminate impurities trapped in your skin, and remove tan. If you don’t like taking steam directly, steam massages are perfect for you.

5.  Apply face masks

For Korean damsels, their face masks are as significant as night creams and face cleansers. They prepare their face masks at home with natural ingredients like green tea. Charcoal face pack is another option that treats acne and reduces inflammation. When you use such a face pack, your face will shine like glass.

Lifestyle Changes to Get Glass Skin Without Makeup 

1. Exercise daily 

Haven’t you heard the term ‘post-workout glow’? Whenever you exercise, your blood carries more nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Because of this healthy circulation, your skin appears lively and lustrous, as opposed to lacklustre skin.

2. Eat healthy fats 

A healthy diet does not just strengthen your immune system and make you energetic. It will also make your skin age slowly and keep it beautiful. So, eating healthy is another Korean skincare tip that you must not forget. So, have healthy fats like avocados, salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.

3. Sleep soundly at night 

Waking up after a night of insufficient sleep is not a good feeling. On the contrary, a good night’s sleep makes your skin supple and rejuvenates it. So, now you have yet another reason to go to bed early and sleep for long hours.

4. Consume nuts, fruits, and vegetables 

Homemade skincare for glass skin is not only about applying several products to your face. Vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruits are all useful as they act as antioxidants. So, include blueberries, nuts, grapes, and leafy greens to your daily diet.

Korean Skin Care Tips Based on Your Skin Type

1. Sensitive skin

The best thing about K-beauty treatments is that they mostly use gentle ingredients. So, Korean skincare benefits sensitive skin or dry skin by giving it the nourishment it needs.

2. Oily skin

Oily skin is difficult to maintain as it becomes greasy when you apply moisturizers and serums. For this type of skin, you can use a face oil to control the production of oils in your sebaceous glands.

3. Acne-prone skin

If you are tired of having breakouts, Koreans have the perfect solution to that as well. Simply look for a serum/ exfoliator that contains salicylic acid. It will penetrate deep into your skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

Parting Thoughts 

So, now you know that anyone can have Korean glass skin by following a simple skincare routine dedicatedly. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping soundly at night are equally crucial to glow from within. Refer to the above-mentioned tips to pamper your skin and you will notice how youthful and rejuvenated it appears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Korean glass skin?

The term glass skin is used to describe exceptionally smooth and radiant skin. Like dewy skin, glass skin is deeply moisturized and seems to glow from within.

Q. How can one achieve glass skin without makeup?

If you want your skin to shine even without applying makeup, try following Korean skincare trends. Double cleansing, applying a night serum, and using rice water on your face are some excellent tips to get Korean glass skin at home.

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