How to Achieve the Timeless Beauty of the South Indian Bridal Look?

When it’s her wedding day, every Indian bride likes to dress up traditionally. As she is excited to embark on a thrilling journey with her lover, embracing the culture of her ancestors is important for her. That’s the reason why a South Indian bride looks so different from a Bengali or a Marathi bride. From the fabric of the saree to the type of jewellery – every detail plays a crucial role in completing the South Indian bridal look.

Exploring the Attraction of the South Indian Bridal Look
South Indian bridal look

South Indian brides look exquisite with their tailor-made authentic bridal look. While thousands of bridal fashion trends keep coming and going, a wedding attire that reflects their rich culture is what South Indian brides prefer. The cultural impact created by her dress, ornaments, and hairstyle makes her look like a diva on the day of her wedding. Now here’s your guide to a traditional South Indian bridal makeover.

1. Picking a traditional South Indian saree

Saree is the compulsory South Indian wedding attire and finding a suitable saree is the first thing you need to do. If you explore the bridal saree trends in South India, you will notice that Mysore Silk and Kanjivaram are two of the favorites.

A Kanjeevaram saree features rich embroidery with gold/ silver threads. They have gained worldwide popularity for their brilliant hues and royal weaves, thus imparting a sense of magnificence. The significance of this dress in immense as it elevates the wedding look of a woman. While choosing the saree, make sure the fabric is soft and breathable as you have to wear it for long hours.

How to drape a Kanjivaram saree?

Draping a saree is an art and the more you practice, the better your pleats will be. You can watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to drape Kanjeevaram sarees to highlight the craftsmanship of this aesthetic outfit. Some of the must-have accouterments include a well-fitted blouse, a petticoat, and safety pins that will hold everything together. Before you commence draping, check that the saree is ironed properly and then follow these steps:

  • Wear the blouse and petticoat and begin draping the saree from the right side.
  • Try making 6-7 pleats and align them before tucking them into your petticoat. Take clips to keep the pleats in their place.
  • Swing the remaining portion of cloth around your slender waist and make the shoulder pleats and pin up the same to your blouse.
  • The last step is to fix your pallu and it can be done in myriad ways. Just see that it appears appealing and neat.

Want some South Indian bridal fashion tips? Scroll down to know how to do your hair and makeup to look effortlessly ravishing.

2. Taking care of your jewellery ensemble

As South Indian weddings take place in Hindu temples, temple jewelry for South Indian brides is compulsory. From the enticing maang tikka to the dazzling vankis and jhumkas – every piece of traditional gold jewelry possesses cultural significance and contributes to the regal grandeur of the bride. However, you must know how to stack gold jewelry so that your neck doesn’t appear cluttered.

3. Deciding the hair and makeup look

A South Indian look will be elevated when you have luscious and long hair. You should go for a braided hairstyle decorated elegantly with pretty flowers. As a modern bride, you can check out contemporary bridal hairstyles as well. Just keep in mind that the bridal hairstyle should beautify your facial features.

4. Applying mehndi on your beautiful hands

The mehendi on a bride’s hands symbolize her love for her partner. The richer the color of the henna pattern on your hands, the stronger the bond between you and your would-be-husband. South Indians also have the tradition to draw intricate mehndi designs on her feet as well.

Bridal Makeup for a South Indian Wedding 

Once you are done wearing your modern South Indian bridal attire, you need to ensure that your makeup on D Day is flawless. To look irresistibly charming in all the photos, paying attention to detail is necessary. So, here are some tips that you should not forget if you want to look stunning:

  • To avoid makeup disasters on the most special day of your life, a makeup trial is mandatory. Tell your makeup artist what you have in mind and experiment with different styles.
  • South Indian brides take eye makeup seriously and so should you. As far as the lipstick shade is concerned, it should be in contrast with the color of your dress.
  • Use high-quality makeup that’s waterproof, long-lasting, and won’t get ruined if you cry or sweat.
  • Stick to products that you have used before to avoid getting allergies after trying something new.
  • South Indian bridal makeupis never loud as South Indian women don’t believe in overdoing it. So, your aim should be to bring out your inner beauty instead of changing your appearance dramatically.
  • Keep touch-up products (such as blotting papers, powder, and lipstick) in your purse and you’ll need them to keep your makeup intact.

Hair Care Rituals that South Indian Brides Follow

A woman with lustrous and voluminous hair appears ethereal and South Indian women are known for their thick and long hair. On their wedding day, they flaunt their gorgeous hair. If you too want that, you must take good care of your hair the same way all ladies in South India do:

  • Shampoo properly and apply conditioner to keep your hair smooth.
  • When you are combing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle gently.
  • Don’t make your braid overly tight and it will put pressure on the root of your hair as well as the strands, thus causing breakage.
  • To tie your hair, take hair-friendly scrunchies and they are made of soft fabric.
  • Oiling your hair regularly and massaging the scalp is significant to strengthen the roots and have an amazing shine.
  • A few days before your wedding, book an appointment with a reputed hair salon for a bridal hair spa.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, remember that part of the South Indian bridal look is the extraordinary glow on the bride’s face. For a natural radiance, you must sleep well and eat a balanced diet before your wedding.

You should also not push yourself to wear something simply because other South Indian brides do it. What matters the most is that you should have fun and feel comfortable. So, are you ready to bewitch Mr. Husband with your timeless elegance by dressing up like your favorite South Indian actress for your wedding?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the South Indian bridal look differ from other Indian bridal styles?

A typical bridal look from South India is characterized by a beautiful Kanjivaram saree along with a maggam blouse. The traditional South Indian jewelry also adds to the uniqueness of the bride as the jewelry designs are different from the gold jewelry found in other parts of India.

Q. What is the significance of gold in South Indian bridal attire?

South Indian parents gift their daughter expensive gold jewelry, and it is of great importance in the Indian culture. The jewelry pieces a bride wears signifies that she is about to become a part of another family. As Hindus worship Goddess Laxmi, they send blessings to the groom’s family in the form of gold worn by their daughter.

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